3kcwday1 -Colours and Creativity

Having a commission really focuses the mind on colour! I’ve got 3 commissions to draw up designs for at the moment and then make 1 alone and 2 with community groups. The one I’m going to focus on is  deceptively simple,being  jubilee focused so I know my range – Red White and Blue. !

The plan is to make a  Jubilee Wall Hanging using knitting, crochet and textiles with a group of older adults living in sheltered accomodation or receiving community support.

The back ground will be a mosaic of blue squares   in either knitting or crochet, the red and white crosses could either  be formed from rosettes, reflecting the red and white roses of England, as well as the flags of  the union, or white ribbon and red mosaic knitted and crochet squares. To bring in the diamond theme I’m thinking beads and buttons in clear. We also need to add in something about the Jubilee in text – dates, where it was made etc.

As I’m working with older adults it will also be interesting to explore the memories these colours evoke. Our senses give us great memories of place – colour included. Will we have ladies remembering the kisses and dances from the boys in uniform on VE day?  Will we have former guiders, soldiers making sure the flag is the right way up – and yes there is a right way and wrong way – something to do with the stripes that are at the top. What memories of Coronations, Royal Weddings, Empire Days and Jubilees past will I be priviledged to hear about?


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