3KCBWDAY4 – A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?

Do I knit or crochet for all seasons? The answer is yes! Today is a trip down ” Inspiration Alley” as I choose 4 key pieces that on first viewing have a definite seasonal range and consider how they could be reinvented to appeal to lovers of bespoke makes throughout the year.


These beautiful arm warmers are made of 4ply pure wool using a slip stitch pattern to add detailing. They are wonderfully cosy but lightweight.

My inspiration for them was the colours of October woodlands

However they’d look just as good in cotton in bright zingy summer shades. As pure wool is wonderfully insulating they would also add warmth beneath a coat on a winters day. Alternatively they could be re worked in a space dyed chunky yarn in deep christmas hues of red, green and edged in white!

And for Spring  – what better accessory for your wedding outfit, but DK cotton armwarmers in floral inspired shades that provide a key accent to your outfit!


Winter brings the need for Christmas Decs and ast year I went all out knitting and crocheting covers for baubles. But thinking seasonally, its time we  coined the slogan in the craft world “A Bauble is for Life not just for Christmas! Why?????? I hear you ask! Well there are many uses for the common or garden bauble. Brides – Cover 1 for each guest in knitting or crochet in your wedding colours, attach some coiled wire to the top and use as a place card holder. This  doubles up as a unique wedding favour, especially when a ribbon with your names and the wedding date is added. Each time your guests decorate their tree, they’ll have a lifelong memento of your special day! Or what about filling a bowl or jar with covered baubles? Use them to add an accent to your living space! You can ring the changes and have different colours for the seasons or  rotate  techniques and finishes. What about delicate crochet lace for the summer? Or a plethora of mini knitted flowers sewn together to make your very own spring ball!


Spring in England means changeable weather and what better to wear out and about but a poncho in fresh shades of aqua and purple, bringing to mind the colours of burgeoning life.

Poncho’s are wonderfully versatile and again are a knit for all seasons….

For summer, imagine the poncho in a light cotton yarn, an ideal cover up for evening strolls along the prom on your holidays!

Autumn, calls for a rework in an aran weight yarn in rich shades of russets and golds, with matching hat and mitts. Ideal for bracing strolls through the woods or kicking up the leaves in the park with the kids!

Winter and a warm chunky poncho is an ideal for snuggling up on the sofa or keeping the chill off on days when the skies are clear blue and its just too nice for a coat, especially if teamed with hat and glittens. Ideal Christmas shopping wear!


This pretty matinee jacket is handknitted in strawberry shades of cotton and makes an ideal gift for a new baby girl!

To warm it up for autumn, a change of palette to muted autumnal hues and a light, soft and snuggly DK baby yarn reinvents the piece beautifully

And for a winter arrival, what better to wear on Christmas Day over that special outfit, than a snowy white matinee jacket and soft socks with just a hint of fairy sparkle

In Spring we’re back to the cottons again, colours chosen to reflect Mum’s favourite flowers, bursting into life along with her own new little lamb!

If you would like more information about commissioning bespoke pieces from Bits and Bobs Crafts, please complete the contact form and Bev will be pleased to assist you:

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