3KCBWDay7 – Crafting Balance

As a knitty knutter and a constant crocheter, the question of balance is an interesting one. I switch between the two on a regular basis, sometimes combining techniques in one project. Hence I often have something on the needles and something on the hook. Sometimes this is related to teaching – for example if I’m knitting to order but teaching crochet I’ll have a group or student project on the hook and at least one knitting project on the needles. I also do some crochet for a lovely group of ladies – Angels on Loan – who make memory boxes for parents who’s child has passed away either before or after birth. They also make clothes for preemies and for babies where due to circumstances Mum doesn’t have alot. Please pop over to Facebook and visit their lovely page and say Hi, they appreciate the support and love to have new knitters or crocheters join their team.

So this week for example I’m:

1. Knitting a circular shawl to order

2. Designing and making a crochet table set for a wedding, including some simple napkin rings a bride could make herself

3. Crocheting a mini blanket and firming up 5 cradles with PVA for Angels on Loan

4. Have a blanket and 2 scarves on the needles that I’m making up for craft fairs.

5. Have a broomstick lace scarf on the needle for me – but there’s fortunately no rush on that one!

I think my area where I lack balance is crafting for me! The only thing I have made and kept for myself is a peace and orange bag knitted from fabric strips. Most of work is either on behalf of others, sold on stalls or given away as gifts.

I personally feel its more important to have a sense of balance between what I do for the business   and what I do for others. Its very easy to get focused on money and earning from your craft. But for me that takes some of the pleasure out, so I knit and crochet for Angels on Loan and run a knit and natter group, where I help out and teach others the basics for free.

I also help out friends and try and make sure that some of my Christmas and Birthday gifts are made by me. I think its easy to overlook the pleasure you get from giving when your crafting becomes a business.

Here are a small selection of gifts I’ve made:

Wedding Gift in Filet Lace

Snowy Hoodie - Newborn Gift

Star Hat - a gift for a friend's newborn

Preemie Blanket for Angels on Loan








And a small selection of commissions:

Granny Squares Bag for a very satisfied customer

Bespoke Bag in Knit and Crochet for a friend's very pleased Mum

Red Double Moss Bolero

Poncho in 2 strands of DK for a happy customer

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