Handmade Monday 71 – Its a Girl!

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This week’s post is going to have a baby theme – mainly because the majority of my recent commission pieces have all been baby orientated. Its lovely making something for a little person, who will soon be arriving brand new to the world! Oddly enough all my recent makes have been for girls – I didn’t want to know what I was having and my daughter was a real surprise. I carried like you’re supposed to carry a boy; the midwife said the heartbeat was of the rate they’d see with boys and the wedding ring test that my friend did on me, again said boy! At 41 weeks I had a sizing scan – and was prepared for having a big baby – the sonographer told me when to look away, but Daddy decided to peek! And bless him, got the umbilical cord confused with little boy bits. When I finally had her 16 days late by C-section following a very protracted and difficult labour, I was somewhat high as a kite on pain relief etc and actually asked the surgeon to check if he’d cut the wrong bit as I was meant to have a boy! But I love my daughter so much and despite her difficulties, she’s a pleasure to have around. And although its sometimes very tough and very lonely trying to keep her on track, its worth it and she’s developed into a beautiful young lady with a very unique and often highly perceptive view of the world.

Here are my latest series of “girly makes” all available made to order:

1. Forget Me Not Blanket

 This beautiful blanket is hand crocheted in forget me not stitch. I found the pattern in a 70’s crochet book I found in a charity shop. I had a go at making a phone case first to see how the pattern looked as in 70’s colours it was none too attractive. I fell in love with it!

I was then asked by a friend to make a blanket in pink for a new great neice who would be arriving over the summer. I went through my stash and found 3 balls of yarn, one pink, one white and one random baby colours. I did a sample swatch and she loved it!







2. Flower Matinee Jacket

This dainty little jacket was made to a vintage pattern supplied by the customer. Hand crocheted, mainly in treble stitch. I’d always wanted to learn how to insert “gaps” into crochet and this was real chance to learn. The edging is in picot stitch. I’ve already been asked to resize this matinee coat into a cardigan for a toddler!





3.  Traditional Shawl

  I was asked to knit a traditional circular shawl. The lace edging proved a real challenge with lots of ripping out until I discovered a tiny error on row 1 of the pattern! The rework was surprisingly simple once I’d dealt with the problem. I learned a new technique of making eyelet holes with yarn overs at the start of a row, before knitting the first stitch.

The customer asked me to dispense with the second layer of lace edging as it would need blocking each time the shawl was washed – a nightmare with a tiny baby! So I devised an irish crochet inspired edging – it took a couple of re works to get it right and each round took up to 4 hours!

When I delivered it, she was so pleased so I was really glad I took the extra time and kept at it until it was right!

And this week I have knitted 2 natural nappy covers in pute wool, am about to start a third in rainbow hues and also have a new born hat, mitts and shoes gift pack to whip up! Think the fingers will be flying!!!

19 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 71 – Its a Girl!

  1. I love the matinee jacket. It would be lovely to have a baby to crochet for – one day when I become a grandma maybe!

  2. My Mum had a shawl just like that for me which she then passed on to me when I had my daughter – I hope to pass it on to her for her children. Thank you for the lovely memories.

  3. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. The rows took 4 hours as I had over 600sts per round for the edging! I was also designing the lace as I went, using a combination of ideas. I love the options crochet opens up when doing lace work!

  4. I love the matinee jacket. My favourite gifts we received for my daughter when she was born were all the lovely hand knitted and hand crocheted items, so I’m sure these will be truly appreciated

    • Thank you – I remember 2 lovely older ladies who were distant relatives of Lucy’s Dad turning up at the hospital with a huge bag. It was full of wonderful, very warm, vintage style baby wear – as we were just going into autumn I really appreciated it, especially as they hardly knew me! My aunty made some beautiful matinee jackets all tied with ribbons too. I made her going home outfit – a little mint green and white outdoors suit – little hoodie, trousers, mitts and boots. The midwives didn’t believe I’d made it to start with as so few Mums knitted!

  5. What a fabulous shawl…. and I love the little matinee jacket, brings back lots of happy memories of making them back in the 70s… And really lovely to hear the stories about your daughter 🙂

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