Handmade Monday 73 – Birthday’s and Buses

Here’s this week’s Handmade Monday  – to view all the other talented people taking part or to join in yourself, pop across to Handmade Harbour


It was my birthday last Sunday and I want to use the first part of my Handmade Monday to show you the talents of my friends Susie and Sue, who both made me lovely things! My daughter organised a “surprise” party – although I did find out as she needed me to go shopping with her to buy the food and bbq fuel!

The Cake!

Made by my talented friend Susie, complete with a ball of yarn, a piece of knitting and needles and not a dropped stitch in sight…. and of course chocolate! My friend’s son Jason is the headless butler and thanks to a strong wind I only had one candle left to blow out!

The Jewelery!

Whilst both items were made by my talented friend Sue, who was also drafted in to take charge of the BBQ after a minor incident involving burgers and many flames, one was a gift from Lucy and the other a gift from Sue. Due to my medical problems I struggle finding bracelets and bangles that I can wear without them irritating the 2 large nerves that run either side of my wrists, sending me into muscle spasms. However by using memory wire, they found an ideal solution and I received a beautiful bracelet in colours I love. Sue made me a gorgeous pair of long earrings which go well with it and are in lovely shades of aqua!


There’s something so special about handmade presents, as you know both the people commissioning the gift and the maker have put so much thought, love and skill into making something that they know you will love and appreciate. I think thats why handmade is having such a comeback, because people want something unique and special, something that has not been mass produced by an anonymous person in a factory somewhere with no idea of who will buy it or why.


Yesterday Anitta, Angela, my daughter Lucy and myself and my new toy (a reconditioned electric wheelchair which is true freedom) went along to Oakhaven Hospice and did some knitting in public to help them raise awareness of one of the many charitable events they organise each year to raise funds to keep the Hospice running. They are aiming to cover a bus in knitted squares and then running it in a local carnival. Knitters make squares, then take them along to the hospice along with £15 sponsorship and a team of sewing fiends join them up. We were amazed at the number of people, many of them elderly, some of them who had experienced the outstanding care given at Oakhaven via a family member who were furiously knitting a 100 squares or more! We sat in beautiful gardens in the sun, enjoying a mixture of cakes, pleasant conversation with passing knitters and knitting!And if you want to do a few, the appeal is running until August so that gives you a few more weeks to get clicking! The knit and natter group Anitta, Angela, Lucy and I go to are planning to do some more as we fell in love with the place. It just exuded calmness, love and peace.

We forgot to photograph our own efforts, but here’s a quick look at some of the ones that have already been submitted – I’m so impressed with the leaf and acorn one I’m aiming to have a go at it very soon!

Here’s a few snaps of the formal garden, complete with an amazing oak tree sculpture and me in my new toy having a wander round the paths – I love the shapes and textures and am hoping that I can produce something that is a memory of the day that can be sold to help the hospice a little more later in the year. I was drawn to helping, mainly based on memories from my nursing days, anyone who had been there always spoke so highly of it and I always felt that it had to be a special place

14 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 73 – Birthday’s and Buses

  1. Thank you for birthday wishes and lovely feedback, I’m hopefully going to get a team together to sew some of the squares together for the bus. And hope to attend the carnival to see the completed bus. I’ll take lots of photos and do a follow up handmade monday in late August 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous day. Handmade gifts are just that bit more special because of the extra thought and attention that goes into them x

  3. What a lovely and interesting post and belated happy birthday wishes. The cake looks great and very thoughtful as indeed does the bracelet and ear rings. What lovely friends you have

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