Handmade Monday 74 – Bangles at the Fair

Welcome to this week’s Handmade Monday – if you want to join in, and its well worth doing – then pop over to Handmade Harbour for more info.

As I mentioned in my previous post I was concentrating on the smaller things in craft last week for quick “wins” to regain my mojo – which is definitely back! Now have the jumper I’ve designed for a client on the needles and am upscaling a crochet pattern to make a cardigan for a one year old, so am well and truly rejuvenated. The massive to do list has shrunk greatly and the craft fair bookings are rolling in – but more about that later in the week!

So back to Handmade Monday’s topic – Bangles at the Fair! Another reason for making the bangles was to ensure I had prices for all pockets on my table at the two events I was booked to do over the weekend. Saturday’s event was postponed due to rain sadly but Sunday’s went ahead. It was a charity gala for the Mayor of Fareham’s Charity Appeal. Their aim is to raise funds for Wessex Heartbeat, who support the local cardiac unit at Southampton General. They’ve just been appointed one of the new regional childrens’ cardiac centres after a long and well fought campaign from the parents of the children who have survived only due to their excellence. Ocean Ward are now raising funds for new equipment to ensure they can help even more children have a fantastic life, free from the restrictions of cardiac problems.

On arrival we realised that we had the stock and gazebo but the table had been hit by “everybody, somebody, nobody syndrome” and was sat in the hallway. The organisers scrounged us a table from the onsite clubhouse so we were fine!

Here’s the stall all set up and open for business:


The display boards didn’t last long however as a gust of wind took them out, hitting a cup of black coffee and spilling it down my legs and feet and pooling in a shoe.  The local St John Ambulance were fantastic, and thanks to their expertise my foot is fine! Though 15 mins of iced water ended up feeling like torture come the end! What I really appreciated was that as well as getting on with the job, they took time to find out about my spinal issues and how that would affect how I experienced the pain from the scald. We’ve now decided that display boards will now be set up on the floor at outdoor events – think that means I’ll be writing another risk assessment!

Due to the weather the number of people who came was really low and no one got many sales, infact most of the crafters sold nothing and even the stunning cupcake makers didn’t sell much stock, so we all felt a bit disappointed but at least our table fees went to charity, which was worthwhile in itself.

I was struggling for ideas intially of how to show the bangles, but finally hit on an idea I think worked well. We covered a cardboard tube in green paper, then stood the tube on a green ramekin. When I stacked the bangles on it, I realised that it would make a really eyecatching table centrepiece for a wedding table or an everlasting corsage for a bridesmaid, so I’ll be making up a set in the colours we’ve chosen for the Handmade Wedding event, Inspire, Create and Celebrate have planned for September. I’d be interested in feedback about this idea – do you think it would work?












I designed some of the flowers myself and used a couple of crochet books for inspiration for the others. I also played with the colours to build up layer that toned with bangle covering I’d created. I’m contemplating developing a pattern book and instruction guide for them in the future


Here are a few I’m really pleased with:

Black Primrose

This black and white flower is inspired by primroses. I liked the contrast between the black and silver on the bangle and chose a white yarn with a sparkle highlight to echo the contrast in the decal.









White Rose

White and green always work well together and are key colours in White Gardens. The rose starts life as a crocheted circle, made with a spiral technique and back loop double crochet. I then changed direction and worked towards the centre creating a ruffled edging into the front loops with chain stitch and slip stitch. I first created this rose sometime ago when playing around with techniques.






The Heart

I created the heart from making a simple 3 petalled flower in white. I then started experimenting with stitch heights in pink. I added a bead to the centre of the heart to catch the light.

I’d love to do a stack of hearts in toning shades as I think they’d make a stunning ladies accessory for an evening out.






Furled Rose

Thwe photo here doesn’t fully capture the 3 dimensional quality of this rose but it shows much better on the stack photos at the top of the page

Again this is made using a similar spiral base to the white rose but instead of using dc all the way along, I increased the stitch height everytime I reduced the number of increases on a round – so I started with dc and ended up with double trebles. I had a sort of cup shape which transformed into a rose when I worked back into the front loops with a pink edging. I want to attempt a spray of roses in this style to decorate a flower vase cover. My Mum used to have a similar vase, which I nabbed from Dad some years ago when he was having a clear out. Sadly it got broken a couple of years back and I want to create a tribute to it – just for me!



Dianthus Cuff

This cuff is truly stunning in “the flesh”. I created the flower inspired by the dianthus flower, edging the centre and each petal with a deep red. To accentuate the centre I added a clear vintage button.

The cuff is crocheted in treble stitch and closes with deep red vintage buttons






Orange Rose Cuff

Another version of the black cuff above. I crocheted the rose in orange mohair yarn and then went back over the front loops with black single crochet with no chain stitches in between. It gives a really fantastic running stitch effect. I had no idea what the finished rose would be like – I think one of the things I love about creating flowers and other embellishments is the scope I have to “play” and come up with a variety of stunning effects.






Pink Princess Daisy Cuff

I also wanted to make a child sized cuff, and came up with a pink based which I edged in peach. I then created a daisy with a pink centre and peach petals. To accentuate the centre I sewed a vintage button in place to help secure the flower to the base.








Here’s a little sideshow including some bonus images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


14 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 74 – Bangles at the Fair

  1. I think that your idea of a table centre piece is great – I can see the heart ones working well! The only trouble I can see with the display is getting the one from the bottom off for someone to look at! It is amazing at how many different ways you can make flowers. I particularly like the orange spiral cuff!

  2. Lovely flowers ! I think everyone had at least one (or two …) fairs this year, that were just spoiled by the weather. If the cupcakes are not selling, then it must have been really bad. Good luck with your fair !

  3. I like the way you’ve displayed the bracelets.They all look so great together.Sorry to hear about the low sales-this weather’s got a lot to answer for!

  4. Sorry you had problems at the fair, try some large clamps they should keep your boards in place. The crochet flowers are so pretty and on the centre piece

  5. The bracelets are really lovely – the colour of the Dianthus one is gorgeous. I am so sorry about your fair – such hard work goes into making, setting up and then the weather lets us down. Hope you have a good week.

    Christmas Pie Crafts

  6. Love the cuffs.such pretty colours and designs. Nice for the winter months. My wrists get cold easily so a great idea for keeping warm. Shame that the fair was cancelled. I think a lot are doing that. We visited my daugther at the weekend and she took us to a park that had a fair on only to find that too had been cancelled without letting people know as it had been cancelled the week previously. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. The weather is certainly not doing anyone any favours and seems to be spoiling so many events this year. Thank goodness for St Johns Ambulance! The bracelet display looks fab

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