The Prequels 2 – Introducing Cara and Sarah

The Southampton Vintage and Artisan Craft Fair will be held this saturday, 21st July, from 10am to 1pm at the Millenium 3rd Age Centre, Cranbury Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0HL

Artists and Makers List:

Pandora Style Jewellery; Sew Now; Crafting Cronies; Silk Dreaming by Cara Sandys; Cake a Moment; Crowns by Penny Cox; Lynne Bartholomew – Vintage wares on behalf of Basics Bank; Arts and Murals by Donna Mcghie  includes face painting; AussieJax; Louisa Slade Jewellery including hand blended body oils and vintage clothing;  Bits and Bobs Crafts; Glowbox Solar Lanterns; Zeenat Khan – Asian Dressmaker; Nazreen – Fusion Snacks; Birthday Cakes; Angels on Loan; Rosalind Rose, Artist: Katie Hatch, Photography

This week we are featuring a small selection of the Artists and Makers in depth, starting with

Cara Sandys from Silk Dreamings:

 Cara is an artist who has developed her skills into jewellery design. Having taken O Level art in school, she took a different path for sometime and went into teaching. Having made jewellery  as a hobby, she went professional in 1996. And went on to gain an Art Degree too!  She sells her creations at a variety of small local outlets, mainly galleries that care about their artists in the UK and Australia. She found her varied sales outlets during an epic, public transport based tour of both countries! And still splits her time between the UK and Australia.  Cara has a passion for recycling, upcycling and repurposing and often uses these themes when selecting the raw materials for her creations.

She also runs the Books for Free store in the basement of the Third Age Centre, you can pick up 3 free books and 3 free videos per visit and they always welcome donations. Make time to have a look whilst you’re at the Fair, and browse the eclectic collection whilst enjoying a cuppa and cake!

Sarah Murray from Sew Now 

Hi, I am Sarah, Mum to 2 children aged 4 and 10, and I have to craft to be happy! I have been sewing for 5 years, crocheting for 2.I filled the house with sewn and crocheted items, and then started selling to friends, started a blog, then a Facebook page, and have been really busy with orders. I will custom make almost anything from fabric or yarn.Fabric and patterns inspire me – they give me a physical jolt of excitement  – and act upon it. 

This my first fair – so I want to survive, get some feedback in person, and hopefully sell some of what I make.

The photo’s Ive emailed show that  I make a wide variety of things – and I wanted to give a taster of the many different things I will be bringing along. The best thing you’ve ever created are HaPEE Mats – a brand new eco friendly toilet/night time training mat.

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