The Prequels 3: Introducing Federica and Louisa

Yes another shameless plug for the Southampton Vintage and Artisan Craft Market! However the real aim, apart from getting you along to see an amazing pool of local talent,  is to showcase another pair of dedicated crafters who will be there this Saturday!

Louisa Slade – selling jewellery, vintage clothing and body oils

ImageHi, I’m  Louisa Slade. I’ve been making jewellery for 2 years now. My business started up when a few people asked me to make them a necklace for  friends birthdays and from there the word spread! More and more people became interested in purchasing a piece of jewellery that was custom made, and tailored to their needs and wants. 
My inspiration and passion is making jewellery that has meaning, whether as a personal gift for a loved one, or something designed and made to an individual’s exact specifications. My favourite things to make are wedding rings and personal gifts, as well as my ‘Heartstrings’ range which raises money for children in Africa.
I hope to gain exposure, experience and to meet a a broad range of people also inspired by the world of crafts by attending the Vintage and Artisan Craft Fair at 3AC
The best thing I’ve ever created is the tree that I cast in silver using a cuttlefish as the mould. It ended becoming the symbol for my logo, and it inspires me every day.
My name is Federica and I’m 26. Since I was a child I used to make small things with my sewing machine. Now I spread around the world my little creations like handbags, brooches, cases or purses.
I  love to let myself be inspired by printed fabrics and everything that arouses my curiosity.
I started 6 years ago and I’m very proud of my experience in sewing and embroidering.
I hope to meet a lot of new people and gorgeous crafters….and to drink a nice cup of tea as well, at the fair on Saturday.
I’ve chosen the photo’s for this feature because I want to give a little bitty of my creations.
The best thing I’ve ever created?….Good question…maybe when I’ve created 30 paws brooches for a dog club

7 thoughts on “The Prequels 3: Introducing Federica and Louisa

  1. Bev, so sorry I couldn’t give you a feature for you to add. My Internet has been down now for nearly 2 weeks and it’s been very frustrating! Thought I’d add a quick bit on here about why I started crafting…

    As a sufferer of ME/CFS I have found it difficult to get myself motivated and have lacked energy and concentration for longer than I care to admit. At my lowest point I withdrew into myself and it was my mum who came to my rescue by getting me to focus on doing something small each day ~ that’s how my love of crafting came about and that’s how I met Maria.

    Maria was introduced to me at one of the card making clubs I joined and we have become the best of Crafting Buddies.

    Maria has the patience of a saint and will happily help me out and encourage me when I’m not having good days.

    Together we created Crafting Cronies…

    Craft·ing, crafts: To make by hand.

    Cronies: A friend or companion
    Noun ~ Cronies – a close friend who accompanies his/her buddies in their activities

    Hence the Name!

    If anyone wants to check out any photos there are numerous on our Facebook page.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. 🙂


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