Handmade Monday 76 – The Fair

Welcome to another Handmade Monday – to take part, pop across to Handmade Harbour where you’ll find all the instructions. its a great way to meet other crafters and find out all about them, whilst giving them a chance to know more about you!

Regular readers will know that for the last few weeks the only words leaving my finger tips…. and in the real world my lips….. have been “Craft Fair”. Alongside a team of others I’ve been organising my first fair, mainly co-ordinating the admin, sorting out press releases, blog posts, persuading people to go and persuade others to display posters and annoying everyone on Facebook with a myriad of posts about it! And that’s just the bits I can remember lol! Its been fun, hard work and a great learning curve – but more about that another day and I’ve got a great new feature for my blog from it – Friendly Fridays, where I’ll be featuring other local and maybe not so local creative people!

Anyway as tiredness has now taken over, here’s a photo montage of the event:

And now table by table:

Cafe Area in Books for Free


Ground Floor

Floristry Demonstration

Main Room


First Floor


I’d also like to thank the team of volunteers who helped out on the day, The Books for Free Team ran the coffee bar and yomped up and down the stairs on many an occaision providing stall holders with tea! Rozi for rescuing us and making 150 bahjees at the 11th Hour. Arzool who recruited ladies from the local community and went all over the place with posters. The guys from Awaaz FM who likewise walked a fair distance round the local faith houses handing out posters. Lucy and Angela for being kidnapped and sent out to deliver posters in all weathers, whilst I mainly stayed dry in the car and “supervised”;  Gwyneth and Mrs O for helping out with my stall so I could go wandering when needed. Wendy and Holly Press for organising and running the raffle, getting out and about with yet more posters and Holly for tweeting above and beyond the call of duty! And of course the team – Jenni Clemmens from Craftizan who was my partner in crime, Stephen and Ross from the 3AC who  did alot of the backroom stuff as well as promoting the event to all and sundry and

press ganging their families into helping. Cara who not only organised the BFF team and made her own stock but also tramped the local streets with posters and fliers.  And Kelly and Sam who helped out with front of house, helped recruit stall holders, spread the word and ably stepped into the official photography gap when our photographer was taken ill. And if I’ve forgotten anyone

12 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 76 – The Fair

  1. It really was such a great event. My 1st ever Craft Fair! I met some lovely people and had some great feedback as well as some sales! Yippee. I even managed to build up my confidence to have a chat with other stall holders and believe I met some people who I will be in contact with long term. So thanks Bev (and the team) for ALL your efforts. Kindest Regards, Sharon of Crafting Cronies

    • Hi Penny, sorry about that, as I explained to Sarah I was shattered when I wrote this and genuinely thought I’d posted everyone’s pics – they took about 4 hours to go through, edit and montage! I’ve added yours now x

    • That’s a shame Helen. We decided we’d run an evaluation at the end of the fair so we could find out what the stall holders and customers thought. We’ve realised that we did a good job overall but still have lots to learn. I’ve been to fairs myself where its not been a good experience and tried to take the things that were the biggest problems into account x

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