Captive….ating Crochet

Fans on my facebook page may have seen a post a couple of weeks back about the 70’s style crochet inside hoops. My 70’s style crochet book is somehow linked to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and appears and disappears at will! And yes you’ve guessed it, currently its only notable by its absence! As it was £1 in a charity shop I feel I can normally put up with its bad behaviour however and so am usually pretty tolerant….. but this time I really needed it!!

I did an extensive trawl of google images and saw various beautiful images, but nowhere could I find instructions to make them. Many like this one from Little Lovelies Blog, showed doilys mounted inside cross stitch hoops – I loved them but it wasn’t what I wanted:

I also found this beautiful pair of earrings at Handmade By Fausta onFolksy, but again they didn’t have the look I wanted!

My very first attempt

I knew the crochet had to shrink in size down to the tiny circle in the centre of the ring, but struggled to fathom it out. My first attempt wasn’t great. The cotton was very thick and the hoop only small.

The reason for using small hoops is that I want to make a mobile that can be hung at a wedding and I’m developing a line of made to order Christmas Decs, which will also be beaded but that’s another story.

So I invested the princely sum of 99p in yet another charity shop, brought a load of stacking bangles and set to experimenting.

However I couldn’t get it right for love nor money and the lack of the book wasn’t helping and a mega stash tidy up has failed to find the pesky thing to date too!!! But at least I’m organised for a week or so lol!

So I came up with an alternative, with the aid of yet another pile of crochet books, kindly passed on to me via the friend of an elderly lady who wanted them given to someone who’d make good use of them and the beautiful examples of crochet mounted in embroidery hoops I’d found on google.

I decided to make the pattern from the centre out in very thin crochet cotton – not sure of the size as it came from….. yes another charity shop!  – using a 0.75mm hook. To attach the crochet to the hoop I used chain stitches on the final round to make hanging loops and it worked ok! The hard bit was crocheting  along the top edge between the each hanging point, especially as I got towards the end – its a good job steel hooks are short but strong! The slideshow shows my finished efforts, I need to perfect a few techniques, get a better cotton and add a few beads now and I’ll hopefully be there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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