Handmade Monday 79 – A Week in the Life….

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This week I’m going to share a little about an average week in the life of Bits and Bobs Crafts….

Monday –  as usual Monday’s tend to pass in a blur of admin and catching up. However being the first Monday of the Month, I first had Kickstart – a local group of business ladies who are mentored and supported by Mums and Business at the Lounge. This session was hard going as I had demons to face about selling – and boy was it uncomfortable but its yielding results already so can’t complain! The big admin job of the day was sending out the info about the next craft fair, so a few docs had to be edited, a few dates changed here and there and we were away. There were also bits and pieces to sort out for Summer Buzz, which is coming up this weekend. I also had a meeting with Cami from Headway, as we are planning to submit a bid for the craft group to enter a Stars art installation at Mottisfont House, a local national trust property at Christmas. This was followed by an evening crocheting a design I’m developing for a bridal fair later this month.

Tuesday – allegedly a day off for me, although I had quite a few calls to deal with and emails when I got home, followed by a housing meeting, where I had a funding bid to present as well as generally putting my oar in about problems with getting routine maintenance done. However I had a lovely day out with the ladies from the coffee group. We went to Furzey Gardens, which is a little hidden area of tranquility within the New Forest. Formerly a Christian Retreat, it is now open to the public, but still retains the air you find in old churches, that sense of a bit of Heaven on Earth and deep peace. Their team of gardeners have a range of learning disabilities and won Gold at Chelsea this year too! What was great for us too is that a 50% of the group have some form of disability, it meant the entire group went free! Although I would have happily paid. We had lots of fun rescuing a dormouse, who was very soggy, from one of the resident cats, who proceeded to give us “evils” everytime he saw us after that. An added bit of Furzey magic are the fairy doors – carved and then attached to the trees, this tiny doors and windows capture the imagination of children of all ages. Of course with me in the lead, we didn’t exactly stick to the wheelchair approved pathways – which did lead to the odd disaster with muddy puddles enroute!

Wednesday – I had a lovely morning, working in my nightie – which I think is a real perk of working from home when the carer’s on holiday! Lucy steps in and hoses me down instead and being still in her teens believes that holidays are meant for sleep! In the afternoon I had a one to one lesson with a new pupil, and bumped into another too! One thing that often strikes me with new pupils is that they often know how to knit, having been taught as a child, but not taught to cast on or off – is this a cunning way us knitters have of exercising some control I ask myself :-)! I also find I think about how much expectation existing knitters put on the newbies – they are full of apologies that previous attempted were full of holes or they ended up with more or less stitches than they started with. I always tell them to just go for it and we’ll look at mistakes once they’ve grasped the basics and often there are then no mistakes – its almost as if giving them permission to make errors, means they tend not to happen. We then went delivering posters to local shops and libraries for some upcoming events! It was then home, sit down for half an hour and out the door for a church meeting! I finally got to sit down and knit at 10pm!

Thursday – a slightly more relaxed day, starting with a meeting with the lovely Karen from Kazies Magical Designs – to discuss the workshop we have planned next weds. Its shaping up to be a really good day so am looking forward to it! I then popped to the shops and picked up some beads for the wedding project I’m working on and went home. Home meant more admin for an hour or so, before an afternoon at Surestart with a friend. After that I came home and got some bits and pieces done for Summer Buzz again – having discovered we were short one cupcake maker and tea bar person – fortunately all sorted out over the weekend thanks to the great contacts I have from facebook! I then spent the evening working on a commission jumper – which ultimately spawned Friday’s post about knitting yokes!

Friday  – mornings are always devoted to knit and natter at the Art House. We have a lovely group of ladies of all ages and were joined this week by 3 little ladies who were with Mum and learning to loom knit – they really got into it and it was lovely to see how fast they were progressing, once we’d sorted out the niggles caused by the barely English instructions supplied in the kits from 99pstores! The afternoon, once I’d written the blog,  was again mainly devoted to Summer Buzz and preparing for the craft fair the following day!

Saturday – we were up and off to Salisbury nice and early! We were going to a fundraising day for Help for Heroes in the grounds of the Wardrobe, part of the Close of Salisbury Cathedral and we had a great day. I made a few small sales, met some lovely people and had a wander round the stalls and collected business cards of people who’s work I admired for our fairs in Southampton. It was a real traditional event with Punch and Judy and homemade ice cream too! I spent the evening relaxing with friends and preparing for a peaceful Sunday off!

My stall, with my friend Angela trying to hide from the camera!

20 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 79 – A Week in the Life….

  1. In the park by my parents house they had a tree with fairy doors painted in it. Hours and hours were spent playing fairies and pretending that my fingers were tiny fairy legs!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, your brooch comment is such a good idea. You have literally made my day 🙂

  2. I also think working in your pyjamas is a perk of working from home. Unfortunately, mine end up splattered in paint. I was taught to knit but not sure I ever learned casting on & off. Maybe I should pop round for a lesson! The event sounds like it was fun.

  3. Fairy doors are something that always makes me smile. Just the thought of little fairies popping though makes me get sentimental (sad I know).

    Lets hope in 2 years I will get to work from home in my pjs to lol

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