Handmade Monday 82 – Seeking Inspiration

Here’s this week’s Handmade Monday, its a great way to share your work with lots of talented like minded crafters, so if you’d like to join in, head over to Handmade Harbour for more info – and to view the other lovely blogs too!

The majority of my Monday mornings are spent over at a local Headway Centre working with a great group of ladies and gents who are recovering from an acquired brain injury. The initial damage could be due to accidents, strokes, surgery, haemorrhages or infection and most of the group have come very close to death in the past few years, some more recently than others.

As a group we work in crafting skills, from loom knitting  – which is very much a male province and hence competitive – to 16th Century embroidery. Sometime ago I got sent a link to a project a local National Trust property, Mottisfont House, had announced. The theme was star gazing and the brief to create a 3 dimensional sculpture of something star like that could be hung in their grounds over the Christmas period.

Mottisfont House, Grounds

We’ve already  run a focus group type activity at the centre already and explored what the word star means to individuals, and also looking at their achievements and personal highspots in their lives, pre and post their brain injury. From there we all grabbed pen and paper and designed our stars – each person has come up with their own idea and then I’m going to make a central star that the others will hang from or shoot off. A further meeting with another member of staff who has more of an engineering / sculptural background and a couple of the other guys who are into woodwork, has lead us to consider making wood a big part of the project.

House and Garden

However before we do the final design and polish off the proposal document, we also need a feel for the house and grounds. Its been a nightmare trying to find a day to get everyone out there so I took my daughter with me on Saturday and we had a lovely day out, and as her entry was waived due to accompanying me and my wheelchair, also had a really delicious lunch, plus icecream for pud! My original aim was to wander the grounds and identify places where we could hang the stars, but as we wandered I got more and more entranced by the house too – its built into the church of a medieval priory – and so thats been snapped and has helped me come up with some ideas we can discuss at the next session re how we finish the wooden frames – ultimately the group has the final say, but it’ll be interesting to see how they respond to the photo’s next week!

Mottisfont is also famous for its rose garden and here are a few bonus shots of roses, flowers and butterflies:

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