Craft Fair Vignettes

I can hardly believe that we have another fair in 2 days time! Its been a really hectic run up this time and I feel like a juggler who is lacking sufficient arms at times, but its all part of the fun! We’ve got lots going on for all the family and are offering free entry via the attached flier, so please feel free to download and print :FREE ENTRY FLIER

The press releases have gone in, many local schools, organisations and workplaces have been bombarded with emails, posters, fliers, and anything else we can think of. Some lovely and very dedicated volunteers have been a big help in spreading the word too, taking fliers around local churches, mosques, gurdwaras and community centres. We’ve also run a training afternoon for all involved in the fairs, so that our team of volunteers knows exactly what we need them to do and when. The coffee shop is organised, the Asian ladies are hard at work making snacks and munchies for us and the cake makers are cooking up a storm! And later I’ll have the needles flying to make a few little things to add to my table too!

I’ve promised a more indepth look at some of our local creative talents so here goes:

Teresa Booth – Artees

Teresa is a local artist who loves to create in a variety of media, from fabric to ceramics. Her facebook group is well worth a visit and browse through her lovely things. She creates everything from giant fabric elephant sculptures to delicate angels and her children’s cushions are absolutely beautiful!

Leisha Norman – LN Designs

Leisha is a creative lady after my own heart. Her mission statement says it all:

LNdesigns, Stresses the need to reduce, reuse, recycle. Creating new things by reusing satisfies many needs and provides an intriguing framework to be resourceful within. From; painting to reupholstering there is nothing better than the rejuvenation of a disregarded object.

She creates a huge variety of “new” items from old, sometimes by totally repurposing them and others by adding embellishments that bring things that are “unfashionable” right up to the current trends.


Tracy Alexander – Cakes All Occaisions

Tracy creates a wide range of beautiful birthday and cupcakes, for all ages and occasions. Based in Southampton, Cakes All Occasions is a home based bakery which specialises in traditional, contemporary, chocolate, novelty, mini cake and cupcake designs for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and special celebrations. Here are a selection of my personal favourites from her extensive repetoire:





3 thoughts on “Craft Fair Vignettes

  1. I would like to let you know that I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. I always enjoy reading your honest posts about your journey as well as about the crafters that are taking part in your craft fairs. 🙂

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