Unearthing Your Creativity – Progress So Far

I’ve decided that I need to take some positive steps to get over this “I’m not a real artist / creative type person” block that I have. Its all well and good coming up with makes and displaying them to the world but if I don’t believe they’re good enough I’m not going to ever break through the lack of confidence barrier. A local artist and wonderful cafe owner Jani Franck has set up some online creativity courses and the first one is paid for by donation – much like all the lovely workshops she organises at the Art House, the community cafe she is a co-director of, in Southampton and home to our knit and natter group.

I thought about doing creative journalling but was a bit scared that all the proper artists would quickly see through me and came to the conclusion I needed to dip my toes into shallower water. My friend Elaine had done this course and said I should try it as Jani was advertising it again, so I duly enrolled. Most of week one passed without me opening the emails so after a verbal kick up the bum I decided to get on with it…..

The first exercise was all about what do I already do that’s creative…… mental block kicked in, so I went along to the supportive facebook group for the course, realised I wasn’t alone and had another go and came up with quite a list of things from making salads look pretty on plates to all my adventures with yarns. I also thought about the love I have for Mediveal and Tudor history and how that can influence my ideas and my imagination world. I have all sorts of whacky thoughts from time travelling monarchs coping in todays world where monarchy doesn’t equal power to how would life have been for me back then – would I have been a “Lady” or a serf! The exercise also brought my mind back to the world of architecture, how I love interestingly shaped windows, ceilings and reliefs – my dreams of using them to inspire design. I have loads of pictures of windows I want to turn into blankets for example – I just need to allow myself to make the leap!

Next task was to imagine what your creative life would look like. I have a dream of running a craft centre on the Devon coast – a fisherman’s or coast guards former home on a beach. There’d be the sea and sky to inspire, tranquility and calm. People could come and stay and be creative or just visit for the day. I’d love a little shop there and a cafe – a bit like an olde worlde tea shop with lots of table cloths and comfy seats with chunks of squishy cakes….. and I’d have a studio in the garden, a space of my own where I could sit and knit or crochet the colours of the changing seasons around me

The final task was to doodle every day for 7 days. It took me a while to start this as although there is a “no comparing” rule with the course I automatically viewed all the other doodles on facebook and decided I really wasn’t good enough. I was so worried that I made myself up a little chart with mini boxes to be filled. However once I’d done the first doodle and I admit, cheated a bit and read into week 2 – all about beating the creativty blocking monsters – I moved on to working on a much bigger scale….

Today I’ve done the 2nd exercise of week 2 but that’s going to have to wait until next week’s Handmade Monday….. its a special day out! And yes I loved, loved, loved it and am full of ideas and definitely need to do the creative journalling course soon!

5 thoughts on “Unearthing Your Creativity – Progress So Far

    • I think it has alot to do with school and being told I wasn’t creative or artistic in anyway, but I have to admit the more I’m playing and trying things out the more I’m realising I do have a creative streak. I just have to squish the little monsters that tell me I don’t 🙂

  1. That’s really inspiring. I also have doubts about my creativity – met a jeweller at the Desire fair in Winchester last Nov who made me feel about an inch tall because (at the time) I didn’t “make” my own jewellery! Since then I have done some courses to help me get over this mental block – using silver art clay, wire wrapping etc and incorporating these techniques into my jewellery – and have tried various other things including making my own ear wires, but this might be another good way to get over it. How do I go about finding this course?!

    • Hi April, thought I’d popped a link in but doesn’t look like I clicked something right. Here it is http://unearthyourcreativenature.wordpress.com/
      As you’re localish you can contact Jani through the Art House in Southampton too as she is one of the boss ladies there and is lovely too.
      I don’t understand why people feel the need to put others down, we are all creative and we all bring something different to what we do – I hope I’d never make anyone feel small because they don’t design all their own woolies – what matters is that the person has had a go at making something 🙂

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