Handmade Monday 93 – Forming the Constellation

Welcome to this week’s Handmade Monday, you can join in or read lots of amazing crafty blogs by popping across to Handmade Harbour

Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve managed to do some blogging or join in with Handmade Monday and I somehow need to work out a way of keeping on blogging, even when things are hectic and busy. I’ve been busy working on my festive orders, fitting in a few “last minute.com” emergency cold weather gear bits and pieces for friend’s children and experiementing with wire and beads. We’ve also had a bit of a family mini crisis too. And of course the best bit, I’ve been working more sessions at Headway to get our project finished on time…… which it virtually is now, am going in this afternoon to do any last minute bits with the team and to plan our Christmas present workshops we’re going to do between now and Christmas…

Here’s the work so far on the Star project….

1. Something for the Ladies – stars designed and made by the 2 ladies taking part in the project. The knitting was a turning point for one lady. The other is using the project to help her with a goal of rediscovering her embroidery skills

2. Working out how to attach a metal frame to the embroidered star

3. Sorting out the best way to add the images to the knitted star

4. One of the lads had been on a 3 week family holiday…… and had some catching up to do!

5. The team wanted to involve the staff in framing the star so with some help from Karen at Kazies Encaustic Art….

6. Trying out suspension for the racing car

7. The blue panet is my contribution, crocheted in a handmade randomised yarn, made from scraps

8. Testing out…… wr though this would be good as a new version of “Deely Boppers”!

9. All the sewing was done left handed by a naturally right handed man who’d lost the use of his right arm… and had never sewn before…..

10. Finishing touches to the knitted star

5 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 93 – Forming the Constellation

  1. I so enjoyed reading about your stars and the stories behind them. Very inspirational. I am dying to see what you have come up with your wire and beads (you tease!) Hope the family crises has improved. Take care. xx

  2. Thank you for all your lovely comments – I delivered the stars yesterday and we are going to view them on Monday!! The finished piece looks amazing and it was well worth all the hardwork with the last minute tweaks we did on Monday afternoon!

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