Discovering Hope in Colour

This week’s post on the subject of hope is based on colour – part of the research I’m doing for the “Gifts of Hope” range is  conveying hope without words. Lets face it not everyone reads well, there are times when we feel so overwhelmed all the positive affirmations and scripture readings that normally lift us up don’t and sometimes we are simply too ill in body or mind to want to read. I’ve set up an Inspirations for Hope Board over on Pinterest to help me collect my ideas together and colour is definitely coming through as a key are to look at.


‘Glory Window’, one of the largest horizontally mounted stained glass pieces in the world ~ Chapel of Thanksgiving, Dallas TX

The obvious colour symbol that signifies hope is the rainbow – they appear as the symbol of hope at the end of the story of Noah’s Ark – God’s promise not to flood the earth again. We all love to see rainbows and there are many groups and organisations seeking to bring hope which have rainbows at their core. The image to the side of this paragraph radiates life, light and joy for example. And how often do we stop in our tracks to admire a rainbow in the sky?

This chapel window is awesome and is like a continuous spiral rainbow reaching skyward, towards a beautiful bright, white light. It says hope to me in so many ways – movement, journey, adventure, end reward etc




And the Rest???

I’ve been researching colours and their meanings and picked out those where words that seem to offer hope were amongst those listed. I was surprised at some of the colour meanings and have  missed out those which had largely negative connotations.

The meanings have been taken from belief systems, heraldry and modern theories of colour psychology.

Surprisingly green is identified in heraldry as the prime colour for hope and was the only word I could find linked specifically to hope.

Silver didn’t fare well as its apparently reflective and can be seen as “wishy washy” and neither did black – which is more understandable.

I’m really surprised about silver – as a little girl silver shoes were my great hope! The closest I’ve come to owning a pair are my silver grey crocs that actually look like real shoes and are brilliant for days when the feet do their own thing as they are wonderfully scuff proof…….. so maybe I should have popped silver in there – what do you think?

Colour meaning wheel

I’d be interested in your responses to the colour meaning wheel I’ve created. Which colours mean hope to you?  Have I missed a colour you find particularly hopeful?

If you could complete the poll below I’d really appreciate it!


6 thoughts on “Discovering Hope in Colour

  1. I think gold represents Hope, bcos people seem naturally attracted to it and it represents quality which is also desired. Hope is something which people hang onto, a vision to keep them going! Jerusalem will have its streets paved with gold in the new kingdom,which is a desired vision of Hope 4 many people. Gold seems to be woven into peoples natural desire, without them being able 2 explain ), which is why I think its tied up with Hope. However bluey/aqua also represents hope as its the colour of water in paradise, water not only brings life, but comfort to the soul as it supports the body when u r in it, and many desire t clean waters of paradise 2 drink and to swim in! Ur poll isn’t loading properly so I can’t vote the colour.

    • Thanks Susie, some great points. I hadn’t thought about gold from that viewpoint as I was struggling with whether I should include a colour which is materialistic to the majority of people – gold meaning riches etc. But you’re right that it also means heavenly wealth and the Christian hope which is rooted in faith in God’s promise. I find blue’s and aqua’s a soothing colour and water gives me hope for the future in the sense that its a journey.

  2. Hi Bev. Interesting read about colour. I researched colour theory when I did my printmaking Degree years ago. Kandinsky the painter really used this within his painting. Amish quilts which I love and make use colour theory within their quilts and the Ordnung their Bible for stitch quilting. My God daughter went to a Steiner school where the walls are painted pink to comfort children as the representation of the womb. I love colour and am just so drawn to it and get so energised by it , it almost overwhelms me with passion that I can’t log everything I want to create because my short term memory loss take over and I haven’t quite worked out a way to recall ideas as they so quickly enter and leave my imagination! Regards Agatha. headinjuryandcrochet

    • Hi Agatha
      That’s really interesting about the Amish and using colour theory to make quilts and illustrate their bibles. I haven’t formally studied colour theory as I was advised not to take art… I have improved since! I just needed the right teacher.
      I don’t have problems with short term memory as such but I do understand what you mean about colours and inspiration. I try to keep a notebook and pencil in my bag and doodle / sketch / make notes but I never capture everything. My daughter lives near water and I take loads of photos but can never capture what I see in terms of colour. I really want to try dyeing yarn and fabric to reflect colours in the sky, sea and trees but I think I might not do it justice. Best wishes Bev 😊

      • Thankyou, Bev for your reply.its been an odd few weeks. My father in law died and left everyone very sad. Creating has been very slow , party because I didn’t know what to make and my usual not being able to find my stash of yarn , memory loss can be a bit of a time waster . Hope you are well . Kinds regards.

      • Sorry to hear that Agatha. I lost my dad back in January and it’s not easy. I go through phases where I struggle with creativity and at the moment I’m needing to rest more which is frustrating. Hopefully things will improve for us both soon

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