Handmade Monday 105 – Its in the Air

Welcome to this week’s Handmade Monday, if you’d like to join in or spend a pleasant couple of hours looking at the work of crafters and artists around the world, pop over to Handmade Harbour and find out more.

In last week’s Handmade Monday I blogged about freeform crochet and how I used it to make a notebook cover on the theme of earth. Since then the Creative Beings group have moved on to the theme of air…. I spent most of the week working on commissions and sketching ideas and word maps for decorative art pieces about air.

Word Maps

Air I started off making a word map – what words could I think of that were related to air…. after all how can you draw or create something you can’t see?

Molecules and Experiences

More Air

Being a former A level sciences student, I then moved on and thought about the elements that make up the unseen air – this will develop into a spherical sculpture using clear plastic, transparent threads and beads once I work out how to develop movement within the piece

I also thought about how I like to experience air – being somewhat nervous about flying, I prefer looking up at the sky. I also like being near water so I sketched a rough outline of a woman lying on top the parapet of an old stone bridge – not sure how I want this to develop, it might just form part of the creative process…

Air patchwork

Next step was to develop an idea around ways we can see the air with the naked eye – the sky, the auroras and lightning show us the elements on a larger scale due to the way they deflect light, respond to solar winds and solar radiation and the energy in a thunder cloud.

I also wanted to develop a patchwork idea about air molecules, again I’m not sure what media I’m going to use with this yet but I’d like to use it as a notebook cover

Like A Bird In The Sky


Going back to the original word map and the sketch of how I experience air, I was reminded of the one animal on the planet that can exploit air – Birds

I want to develop this idea into a notebook cover or hanging that uses images and words to capture the joy of free flight – soaring, floating, exploiting thermals, being buffeted and blown off course. The struggle to get air born. The complexity of feathers.

Aurora Cuff

Being a bit pushed for time this week I didn’t have alot of time to develop a freeform piece, so I wanted to make something small that captured some of the ideas I’d explored. I came up with the idea of  creating a piece wearable art that showed the beauty of air in the night sky through the contrast between the aurora and background dark blue sky with a sprinkling of stars.

Aurora-Air 2 Aurora - Air


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