Spring Newsletter and Updates on Workshops

I’ve been busy planning the next block of workshops and classes and writing a short newsletter to update regular Bits and Bobs Crafts customers and readers with what’s been happening. Also included is a free crochet pattern and a couple of short but sweet articles about sharing your work online, featuring Handmade Monday, Creatives Unite and the lovely KnitRun4Sanity

You can download the newsletter in Spring Newsletter Published

To subscribe to future, please email me  – bev.bitsandbobs@gmail.com  and I’ll add you to the mailing list once I work out how to make Word Chimp do something other than induce a mild dose of acute confusion!

To book onto any of our workshops or lessons, please use the enquiry form over on the Learn page. You’ll soon be able to book lessons directly using eventbrite and the soon to be created What’s On page once I’ve finished tinkering!

Spring News 1

Spring News






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