Handmade Monday 109 – A Week of Finishing Touches

Welcome to Handmade Monday. If you’d like to find out more, take part or spend a lovely evening or 2 reading about crafty people around the world and being inspired by their work then pop over to Handmade Harbour and join in!

Last week was one of those crazy weeks where it was hard to find the time to get things done. It seemed like there was something to fit in most days and I had a few commissions to put the finishing touches to, and a few tiny amigurumi’s to make for a demonstration at Hobby Craft on the Saturday.


Shrugs for SharomFirstly there was a set of 4 bridesmaids shrugs to finish –  number 4 needed another sleeve and  a crab stitch edging. Plus all 3 needed to be blocked and have their buttons sewn on. The picture shows 3 because I didn’t realise I’d not photographed no4 until I’d given them to the customer!

I adapted an original pattern from Rowan, changing the curled knitted edging to a double crochet and crab stitch edge. The colours work well together too! Can’t wait to see the photos of the Bridesmaids wearing them!


Tweety Pie

f95bd7cfd1752ec92f58a3d78672e155My other commission finish was a Tweety Pie Jumper, designed completely from scratch for a customer. I’d finished it before Christmas but the customer then decided they would prefer to wait until now for it. Its turned out really well but am not entirely happy with the quality of the photos.

Its all pinned out for blocking here and went in the post today so am hoping they like it!

Teeny Tiny Amigurumi

I found this lovely little book at Hobbycraft after I was booked to do a demonstration for them and bought it.

I’d previously designed and made the angel myself and will be making another as a photo tutorial /pattern as she was lovely to do and received many compliments


The book was packed with tiny makes – materials were crochet cottons or scraps of 4 ply – made on 1 – 2mm hooks. I made a duck, pig, butterfly, owl and a flower and am just putting the icing on a cupcake. Again the pics haven’t turned out as well as I hoped – I thought the camera on my new phone was quite good quality but its definitely not a patch on the digital camera so I’ll be using that for product photography in future I think.

One of the lovely things about demonstrating is that not only does your work get additional exposure, you also get to meet some lovely people whilst you’re working.


8 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 109 – A Week of Finishing Touches

    • Possibly but both are indoor pics – my camera is definitely better as it also has a wobbly hands / person button which my phone appears to lack. I know the bride likes her shrugs, just waiting on the other customer now!

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