Handmade Monday 110 – Developing a Crochet Medallion

Welcome to this week’s Handmade Monday, pop across to Handmade Harbour to join in, find out more or read lots of lovely crafty blogs around the world.

Useful hints and tips can be found….

For crochet bloggers:  there’s a great post about keywords over at the Crochet Liberation Front blog this week! I think you could take the advice and adapt it to any subject you blog about regularly though. I’m certainly going to take the tips on board and investigate the power of SEO .

Advice on attracting new readers:  Knitrun4sanity has a great post this week about increasing your readership – another source of great advice which I need to work on implementing.

Inspired by Spirit…

This week I’ve been playing with ideas around the theme of “Spirit” , the current #creativebeings prompt. I want to make a mixed crafts – knitting, crochet, beads – wrap / throw or perhaps waistcoat based on the theme of spirit as a bridging piece between full structure and freeform. Its still very much in the dreaming / sketching stages as yet. The emphasis for this piece will be on the experience of Spirit in Faith and the first motif is based on the Trinty –  Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The colour grey really appeals to me for this project as Spirit is often described as misty, ethereal and unseen -with beads and maybe sequins to  add the light and the corner of the eye effect. I’ve designing motifs around spiritual concepts that appeal to me without beads initially so I am confident about the pattern before adding them.Here’s the first:

Trinity Hexagon

If you’d like to make it please remember it is designed for those at an intermediate to advanced skill level as a stepping off point for your own creativity.   If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can download the pattern there.

I’ve photographed the stages to explain how it was done:

1. Making The 1st Inner Circle

Step 1




2. Adding the 2nd Circle

Step 2



3. Completing the Trinity

Step 3




4. Adding the First Round of the Motif

Step 4




5 &6. Forming the Corners

Steps 5&6



7. Final Round

Step 7





If you’d prefer a pattern, you can download it: Trinity Hexagon– please note there are no photo’s on the pattern, it is written instructions only.

This is my first photo tutorial and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes, so I’d really welcome your feedback please 🙂


23 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 110 – Developing a Crochet Medallion

  1. Wow this looks amazing. Well done you. I will have a go (think you may have forgotten the link to pattern (sorry). Thanks for the plug. I am happy to do a post on SEO as I have just been reading all about it if that would help?

  2. This does indeed look fascinating, your photos are really good and I’m sure the pattern is, too. If I have any feedback when I actually sit down to do the making, I’ll let you know. But for now, it looks perfectly stupendous – what a brilliant idea. Thank you. 🙂

  3. What a lovely theme, Spirit! I’m going to try the trinity crochet! To me, this Trinity symbol means ‘Maiden, Mother and Crone’ – the 3 ages of women / the 3 phases of the Goddess

    • Would love to see it when its complete Alison – I was surprised when I started researching the subject that the symbolism for trinity has pagan / celtic roots. I love the idea of the 3 ages of woman too 🙂

  4. awsome! i can only admire as my crochet skills are just basic at the moment.
    im sure you can conjure up nice things out of these elements 🙂
    thanks for visiting my blog x

  5. Blimey! I haven’t got the first idea about crochet, but even to my untrained eye this looks seriously impressive! Sorry for the very late-in-the-week comment! Simmi x

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