4KCBW Day 2 – A Mascot Project

Here is the part of the brief I’ve chosen for today’s post:

Your task today is to either think of or research a project that embodies that house/animal. It could be a knitting or crochet pattern – either of the animal itself or something that makes you think of the qualities of that house

Initially my mind went down the route of trying to pay “homage” to the “Monkey House” with a nod to the “Aviary” and as my design notebook would show were I not too shy to share, many of my quirkier projects start with some form of verse or creative writing exercise:

MadgeAm I a Monkey?

Am I a Bee?

I know I’m not a Peacock

Or sadly, a Manatee

I need to make a decision,

I need to make a choice

After all have you seen, a Monkey in bumble bee stripes?

Well………. as you can see from the sketch that’s exactly where I got to…. A sort of fairy monkey, called Madge! Once Madge is made she will have a  knitted puffball skirt – a nod to the 80’s, very lacy Irish crochet wings, knitting legs and arms on circulars – no seams please – and a crocheted head and body…

But I realised that making Madge was not going to be possible for a week or so and there are extra House Points for anyone who makes their creation so my actual mascot is “Pat’s Teacosy”… Pat is a lovely lady with learning difficulties who got a “proper teapot” for Christmas and is desperate for a teacosy for it…. she sometimes comes along to Knit and Natter with her sister and last week I showed her a picture of a teapot I found on Facebook and pinned over on Pinterest….

Pat has understandably fallen in love with it but affording it is beyond all of us, so I thought I might see if I could use it as inspiration for a tea cosy for her little teapot

The plan is to work a band for the top and bottom of the cosy inspired by the ring of small circles using navy blue, white and bright green in double and single (UK) crochet. I’m fiddling with working a row of circles of the moment and will post a photo once I’ve cracked it!

I’ve then decided I’m going to make a “double skirt” – bands of navy blue trebles , framed with red for the base. The top layer will be red chain stitch flowers with green middles, crocheted onto the base – so I’ll need to be doing some back and front loop trebles to create an edge I can attach the flowers to.

Once I’ve got the main body sorted I want to try and use some red to create the knob on the top of the teapot – more the shape as the colour scheme would be really tricky I think. If the cosy was bigger I could see this lending itself well to a less structured freeform piece….. definitely an idea for the future

I think this cosy will keep my “Monkey” happy with lots to think about, especially as I want to write the pattern up and publish it – this is a step I am committing to taking this year and I will be re working the design in a larger size with different colours and design elements for something I’m hoping to submit to….. But my bee will have lots of bits to flit with from making the “bead inspired” bands to working out the shapings for the “lid”……. watch this space as I’ll hopefully have some photo’s to show once for the week of the work progressing



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