4kcbwday6 A Tool To Covet

Hmmm today’s post is not easy as its hard to identify a physical crafting tool I prize above all others. Sorry for the lack of images but my tools collection and I are some 120 miles apart today. … Why? Well some have been given to me by lovely people who have passed on the story of the hooks or needles and their owners. One friend passed on her mum’s lace hooks shortly after she died for example and as I knew her mum I think of her each time I use them, even though they are not the best quality hooks out there. .. Other items I value because they’ve opened crafting up to those who appeared excluded due to physical impairment. Extra chunky needles that can be tucked into armpits or splints so someone with the use of one hand can have a go at knitting.  Knitting looms that have opened up all sorts of horizons for my headway group, discovered in a pound shop. Not my first choice of tool personally but they’ve changed lives. .. The huge bag of needles of all shapes and sizes I bought for £5 from a local charity is another plus.  I often give them to people who want to learn but lack the finances. Yes I do have the odd pair I won’t part company with as they’re perfect for my recycling projects but again no one glaring favourite I think the closest I come to a tool I love is within my crochet hook tub. I collect hooks from magazines, sales, charity shops and pound shops so that there is   always something to suit everyone In a taster class.  From basic 4mm hooks to chunky rubbery plastic kids hooks I usually have something for everyone.  But there is one hook I prefer to use if possible. … a pink, metallic, double ended 5 and 3.5 mm hook I picked up on a magazine somewhere.  Its weighted just right for me and is lovely and smooth to use. But as I write this I realise that the tool I most value is my ability to hunt down bargains and find tools that wuden access to crafting to all those who want to have a go….

5 thoughts on “4kcbwday6 A Tool To Covet

  1. One of my favorite things in my knitting tool box is a bag of “junky” needles I found when I was clearing out my aunt’s storage closet. These would have belonged to my grandmother or my other aunt who had both passed away before the clear out. I won’t knit with them but they do connect me with relatives who shared the same love of knitting that I do.

    • I understand what you mean totally, I don’t have any needles left from my family but I do have Mum’s old and battered sewing box which is stuffed with embroidery silks for finer crochet projects and I always feel a bit of a connection there. I’ve also purloined Dad’s ties and cravats for crafting as he decided that 1 suit and 2 ties was more than sufficient at 86….

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