Handmade Monday 116 – Crocheted Bowls

Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve blogged – I’ve been sitting knitting and crocheting alot in between meeting some lovely new people and discussing a few new ideas for passing on my skills. I think I’ve needed the time to adjust to Dad moving into the care home and giving up his bungalow as it had much more of an emotional impact than I’d anticipated… but its good to get back to blogging again!

I’ve been having a think about how I use the blog as I want it to show all aspects of what I do……. making, selling and teaching and the inspiration behind it, so once I’ve really thought it out I’ll be aiming to post 3 times a week – with each day having a specific theme. I also hope I can have a guest blogger spot too so that I can share the work of other talented makers and teachers… I just need to work out the how’s now!

Anyway  enough ramblings from my addled mind – welcome to this week’s Handmade Monday – don’t forget to head over to Handmade Harbour and join in the fun!

Tick list

I needed to develop a pattern for one of my beginners group that introduced crocheting circles,  increasing, pattern reading and a little bit of decorative work  and hit on the idea of a bowl…which would also serve well, reworked in another colour as a sample piece for a class coming up next month in a local library….

Top down green and yellow

I crocheted the pink bowl in a DK cotton and the blue / lemon / green bowl in a ribbon yarn both using the same pattern but I used a smaller hook for the pink bowl. The bowls can be starched to give them a stronger structure.

Both bowls use half treble stitch and treble stitch, alongside slip stitches for joining the circle and are started with a magic loop. Half treble and magic loop were new to the group. I’m got an offer from a friend to photograph me crocheting soon so that I can do my own tutorials for the stitches and techniques needed to make one of these bowls. When that’s done I’ll post the tutorial on the blog in a downloadable format and make the pattern including a step by step tutorial plus yarn and hook available via my online shop.

If you are able to crochet, you can download the pattern here: Pink Round Bowl

I’d be interested to know what you think of the pattern and how it worked out for you. I will be looking for pattern testers in the not too distant future too!

8 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 116 – Crocheted Bowls

  1. You have changed your blog theme? I really like the bowls. Great idea. I blog three times a week, each with a theme and find that it usually works well. I find it hard to fit in extras however. Glad to hear that your break helped. xx

  2. Hope your Dad is happy and settled in the care home and that you continue to feel more settled about it too. The bowls are lovely – they are a bit like the way my hats started out when I was learning and forgot to increase!! (Patchwork Fairy)

  3. I hope your Dad has settled into the care home – it is hard, but I am sure it gives him the best care and comfort. Your crochet hearts are lovely. Good luck with the extra blog posts – look forward to them. Hope you have a good week.

  4. I hope your week is going well. These little crocheted bowls are absolutely adorable. I plan on downloading the pattern and making one myself. I wish you the very best with your father.

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