Handmade Monday 117 – A Flight of Flutterbys

That Was The Week That Was …..

Whew! Its been a busy old week and this week is shaping up to be similar….

I’ve got a stand next Wednesday at Southampton Eco Fair so am working on some samples to exhibit – will be showing them off in another Handmade Monday once I’m happy with them.

I’ve also been teaching quite a bit this past week and have got a couple more patterns written up as a result – I just need to get them tested now so will be advertising for willing testers soon. They’re very simple, beginners patterns but as I discovered on Saturday when teaching a class its easy to get into a right muddle with instructions and not realise it! And making up samples for upcoming classes:



On the needles is my knit in one piece cotton – viscose mix lace waistcoat I’m making for me to wear to a wedding. I only realised the other day that I’d used the lace pattern on a matinee jacket in the past… there will be a pattern written for this at a later date but I’m trying to make a decision about sizes….

Traditionally Mounted Flutterbys 

But none of this approaches the question of butterflies! I’ve been making some for summer events and turning them into brooches, scrunchies, hairslides and bookmarks:

Mixed setButterfly Wings Collection

And A New Approach….

I also made some bigger butterflies and was then left wondering what to do with them…. so I pinned one to a canvas and sat it on the back of the sofa for a week so I could keep looking at it and thinking about what I could do to make it into something special…

Finally on Wednesday inspiration struck and I sketched in a design around the butterfly and then unpinned it…. had a delve around in my threads box and had a go at some freestyle straight stitch embroidery… and this was the result:

Butterfly Blue 1

I now want to do more mixed media pieces as I can see all sorts of possibilities for this…… but first its back to the “To Do List” as my online shop won’t photograph and stock itself!

And now I’m popping over to Handmade Harbour to admire some more beautiful creations by the stars of the online craft community, why not join in?

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