Summer Newsletter – What’s New(s)?



Please click here to download the  Summer Newsletter

Its not just about Bits and Bobs Crafts and what we’re doing, you also get a quick summary article about Pinterest and a free crochet heart bookmark pattern.

I want to share a summary article about something knitting or crochet related each time and a small free pattern, so if you have any ideas for content, please let me know 🙂

Changes to Classes

Currently I’m running a monthly crochet class at the Velmore Centre, Chandler’s Ford. I’ve been alternating between beginners and improvers but this doesn’t really meet everyone’s needs and the beginners have to wait 2 months for their next lesson….

So I’ve talked it over with a few people and decided to give a new idea a trial in July, at a slightly lower price so that I can see how if works:

Regular workshops will run over 3 hours and be divided up like this:

Info on classes for blogs

Learners can choose to:

1. Do the whole 3 hours for £15

2. Do the beginners and “crochet clinic” for £10

3. Do the extended skills and crochet clinic for £10

I’m not sure whether having people in for an hour to do the crochet clinic will work so if there appears to be a demand I’ll introduce this later.



How the Blog Works:

From this weekend there will be a new posting routine for the blog:

Blog timetable

Reopening the Shop

I am currently reviewing and rephotographing all my stock in partnership with my lovely friend Elaine, who makes cameras behave far better than I can! I will be restocking my online shop over at Folksy bit by bit over the coming weeks and will be adding another page so that you can browse on the blog and then click through to my shop, if you are kind enough to shop with me.

I will also have some items up on the shop page that are commission only, and you will need to order these from me via the contact form on the shop page. Once made I will pop them into my shop with “reserved for…..” on them, email you to let you know they’re available and send you the link so you can purchase them via Folksy.



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