Handmade monday 118 – Blooming Marvellous

Welcome to Handmade Monday. Please remember to pop over to Handmade Harbour and read the posts of crafters the world over or……even better join in 🙂

Today I spent a lovely few hours at Hobbycraft crocheting flowers.  I came over all horticultural and decided to go for making the elements for a string of bunting based on the white garden at Sissinghurst – all waiting to be blocked now:

Image1 Image2

I’ve photoshopped the close up flower to show the true colour of the green yarn 🙂

Image3Along the way I also helped 2 lovely ladies with their crochet conundrums and advised a couple more about beginners projects. And hopefully helped sell a couple of books.  The best of the 2 I worked on was ’50 sunflowers to knit, crochet & felt’. Its on my wishlist now too 🙂

It made a nice change from my current wips:

A waistcoat knit in one piece top down that I’ve designed for me – not able to photograph this yet as its not possible to spread it out without losing all the stitches and as its lace I’m sure you’ll understand 🙂

A set of nesting bowls in videotape for an exhibition day at Southampton Central Library on Wednesday – the Eco fair


And ‘Beauty from the Scrap Heap’ a freeform knitted and crocheted piece using swatches, practice pieces and demonstration pieces. I’m connecting them with crazy crochet lace and should finish tonight if all goes to plan! It has flowers, hearts and even an owl lurking in its midst and I am planning a competition for kids along the lines of how many …….can you see?



8 thoughts on “Handmade monday 118 – Blooming Marvellous

    • I love freeform work, now I’ve got the confidence to go with it and play. I’ve started making my smaller pieces into phone covers and similar little bits. I picked up a book a while back about it and there are some great ideas in there about adding it to clothes etc. 🙂

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