Handmade Monday 120 Plarntastic Plastic

Welcome to Handmade Monday, which is all about “Plarn” (click here for a tutorial) this week. Why not pop over to Handmade Harbour and find out what other talented designer – makers have been creating this week… its a fantastic opportunity to discover new crafts too…. although if you’re like me, you might be worried about where to store any more stuff…..

A few weeks back I mentioned I was getting exhibits ready for the Southampton Green Fair. I also needed something to demonstrate on the day and as I was going to be doing a free workshop today for the Ropewalk Community Garden – more to follow later – it seemed sensible to demonstrate what I’d be doing on the day…. so using a variety of flower patterns, some from my head and some half remembered from books – I stupidly forgot to pack my flower book –  I made a string of bunting, beautifully modelled here by the various plants at the Ropewalk:

wpid-20130609_162528.jpg wpid-20130609_162524.jpg wpid-20130609_162515.jpg wpid-20130609_162532.jpg




Today I went along and myself and 2 of the volunteers spent a lovely hour sat in the gazebo, drinking coffee, chatting and making the plarn, but we had no takers for the workshop…. until we’d almost finished when the local Gambian Society arrived, with lots of lovely kids and asked what we were doing. One of the Dad’s nipped home for more scissors and suddenly I had a very full workshop of gorgeous kids who didn’t do sitting 🙂 Once I’d showed them how to make the plarn though they were well away and were soon garlanded with loops of variously coloured carrier bags, which we then joined to make balls of ywpid-20130609_162253.jpgarn, once they’d failed the skipping rope test as being too light 🙂

The kids all got involved in the crochet and around the same time another volunteer arrived with a handmade chunky hook she’d whittled from a piece of wood. She soon had a little helper with her too who was interested in making one… not sure how the progress went though! The parents were going to have a BBQ so shared their food with us, including some delicious “pancakes” – they looked like chinese chicken balls but were actually sweet, mint flavoured and contained deep fried cake. The kids explained how to make them too, but not sure I’d be brave enough towpid-20130609_162336.jpg have a go! Anyway by the time the meat was cooked, the kids had all made a very simple daisy, so I joined them to mine and we made a chain, which we moved around the garden a few times until we found it the perfect home, amongst the poppies



We also found some pink carrier bags so I decided to “plarn bomb” a tree as a thank you for having me with pretty pink blooms:








The mental health group I tutor also meet at the Ropewalk, but indoors. So I’m planningto take the plarn kit along on Wednesday and encourage them to have a go at making a flower each too so we can decorate more trees and brighten the place up.

And if I can “acquire” some ropes and strings I’m hoping that we might be able to do a few sessions for the kids over the summer where we make flowers from crochet and macrame and decorate the walls with rope crafts to celebrate the history of the Ropewalk. Its a real oasis in the inner city and provides a safe place for the local kids to play, ride their bikes and have fun. Plus many of them get involved in the gardening too so get a chance to grow things and if today was anything to go by, eat it as soon as it pops above ground!


9 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 120 Plarntastic Plastic

  1. How very exciting. You sound as if you really got the children buzzing. What a great idea. Were your plarn bags biodegradable? I only ask because it is great that the shops make the effort but it is a pain for us plarners!!

    • I try to pick ones that aren’t but for garden decorations my thinking was its not the end of the world if they only last a summer. I try and avoid them where I can though…. I’d love to find more pink and blue bags! xx

    • Thanks Jill x I’m going to give making a video tutorial a go to describe how to make plarn. Its very easy and the final results make it worth the “war wound” I have on my thumb from blunt scissors causing a blister 🙂 Have a good week too x

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