Handmade Monday 135- Autumnal Accents

Welcome to Handmade Monday.  Don’t forget to pop over to Handmade Harbour and join in or spend an enjoyable few hours browsing through the work of all sorts of talented crafts people.

Scheduling Posts?

With my daughter and her ever growing bump at home the last couple of Sundays have been taken up with family stuff. Am thinking I should timetable in a blog writing session each week, get all my posts written at once and then set dates for WordPress to unleash them on the world.  Does anyone else blog that way? What do you think are the pro’s and cons?

All Things Baby….

I’ve accompanied her to her first antenatal class this week.  It was surprising how much I remembered! The upshot is she is planning to tell the midwife she is “too posh to push” as she doesn’t do pain lol! Am thinking I’m in for an interesting experience as her birth partner.  We did find out though that should she need to go to theatre for any assistance I can go with her in my wheelchair.  I thought they’d have all sorts of infection control reasons why not so am really pleased I can stay with her.
I’ve also been testing baby slings and have found one that suits me. The plan is that I can then babysit etc without needing to carry baby and use my manual wheelchair so there’s no risk of falling 🙂

Autumnal Crochet

A few weeks ago I had a bit of breathing space so started on a batch of autumnal flowers. But then didn’t get time to add leaves. So today I took advantage of my crochet leaves demo at Hobbycraft to add some finishing touches and add the leaves:









Make your Own at a Workshop!

I have 2 crochet leaves workshops coming up plus an Amigurumi Spider Saturday workshop for the brave…. pumpkin pattern available for arachnophobes!
Its possible to learn the stitches required in 2 hours to make a simple leaf, even for complete beginners.  They look great made in a variety of autumnal shades and stitched to keyrings or bag charms to add some seasonal chique to an outfit.

Handmade Monday 132 – Reviewing a Summer

Welcome back to Handmade Monday – don’t forget to pop over to Handmade Harbour and join in the fun! It feels like I’ve been away forever instead of around 6 weeks because I’ve been….

Taking some “Me Time”


Shipley Bridge, South Brent, Devon – one of my first “swimming pools” on the River Avon

I decided over the summer to take a bit of a break from work and mainly concentrated on making as I had some orders to clear before starting work on a couple of very special projects for my grandchild, who is due in December. As well as crocheting and knitting madly, I’ve got into creating zentangles, had some time away to visit my family – camping, wheelchair and all!  Spent time with friends star gazing and being amazed by the meteors and amused by the kids comments. Run a couple of kids workshops and crochet classes, plus one to one lessons. So I’ve still been busy – but chosen to use the time I wasn’t teaching away from social media on the whole.


Zentangle inspired by driving through Dorset – Hill Forts and Pastoral Landscapes

Why? Well its been a very challenging year so far, with Lucy’s miscarriage at New Year, 2 or 3 bleeds with the new baby, who is happy despite all efforts to give us grey hairs before arriving! Dad’s serious illness and move into residential care. Helping Lucy move back home once it was obvious that staying put, was detrimental to her and junior… I was  emotionally wrung out and my general health was suffering  so I needed to identify space to relax and take some pressure off.  Muggy weather always flares my condition, as the higher atmospheric pressure messes with the pressures in my spinal cord and the falls, muscle fatigue and dystonic episodes increase and the only “cure” is upping the meds and resting. But to rest with nothing to occupy the hands is just impossible so I was pleased to be kept busy with writing bespoke lesson packs, trying out some new ideas for makes and completing commissions….

So here’s a  gallery of some of the things I’ve made this summer:


Commissioned blanket based on a pattern from Modern Grace Designs with added self- designed bear motif. Click for a link to the original free pattern


Crochet poppy jewellery made as a gift for my lovely friend Suzie, to match a bolero she commissioned… photo to follow


Spiralled baby hat – designed and crocheted by me


Commercial Commission – pure wool vintage flowers with leaves for a vintage seller

Baby hat in a beautiful randomised King Cole yarn.

Baby hat in a beautiful randomised King Cole yarn.

And Finally……. Pattern Testing

When I teach or work on commissions I often end up developing my own patterns from scratch. I hand these out to the class on the understanding that they are still works in progress currently as its not easy to test your own patterns as you know what you mean so don’t tend to pick out the glaringly obvious glitches others can find easily…

I want to be able to sell these patterns online and at fairs, markets etc, further developing them over time  into mini e-books, with step by step instructions that help the new knitter or crocheter make them from scratch, whilst extending the skills of the more experienced. There is also the potential once I fathom out the IT to add Skype lessons and classes to the patterns range. Branching into kit making longer term is another option,  if I can persuade a few people that becoming my own personal house elves would be rewarding 🙂

But in order to achieve this I need to make sure that all patterns have been rigorously tested…. And that is where my readers come in if they choose to do so…. I would appreciate feedback from my blog, readers, newsletter subscribers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers who have a bash at any patterns or  tutorials I post…. so that I can make corrections, explain things more clearly and generally improve! Your reward is having the pattern for free and being able to use it to conjure up all sorts of lovely makes before it is released to the wider world.

Obviously I need to work out a way of limiting access to the patterns so that they are only free during the test period –  after all why would anyone want to pay for something they can find gratis on Pinterest? So before I start sharing patterns I’d love to hear your thoughts on how best to achieve this:

1. Do I share the patterns on the blog but remove each pattern once it is ready for publication?

2. Do I share the beginners pattern as a tutorial on the blog, so that I get feedback from makers of all levels of experience? If the person liked the tutorial I could then either:

a. Set up an invitation only blog for pattern testers, closed Facebook group or something similar? If I do how do I ensure the patterns aren’t shared outside of the group?

b. Set up a pattern testers newsletter via MailChimp, where I send a pattern out to all those registered who are able to test crochet or knitting patterns?

3. Is there another way that might be simpler for those who already have pattern testing experience?

4. How would you like to feedback to me? Do you want a Word version of the pattern you can correct and email back? Or do you want me to design a simple form that allows you to give constructive feedback? Is there another way that works well for you if you test patterns already?