Handmade Monday 135- Autumnal Accents

Welcome to Handmade Monday.  Don’t forget to pop over to Handmade Harbour and join in or spend an enjoyable few hours browsing through the work of all sorts of talented crafts people.

Scheduling Posts?

With my daughter and her ever growing bump at home the last couple of Sundays have been taken up with family stuff. Am thinking I should timetable in a blog writing session each week, get all my posts written at once and then set dates for WordPress to unleash them on the world.  Does anyone else blog that way? What do you think are the pro’s and cons?

All Things Baby….

I’ve accompanied her to her first antenatal class this week.  It was surprising how much I remembered! The upshot is she is planning to tell the midwife she is “too posh to push” as she doesn’t do pain lol! Am thinking I’m in for an interesting experience as her birth partner.  We did find out though that should she need to go to theatre for any assistance I can go with her in my wheelchair.  I thought they’d have all sorts of infection control reasons why not so am really pleased I can stay with her.
I’ve also been testing baby slings and have found one that suits me. The plan is that I can then babysit etc without needing to carry baby and use my manual wheelchair so there’s no risk of falling 🙂

Autumnal Crochet

A few weeks ago I had a bit of breathing space so started on a batch of autumnal flowers. But then didn’t get time to add leaves. So today I took advantage of my crochet leaves demo at Hobbycraft to add some finishing touches and add the leaves:









Make your Own at a Workshop!

I have 2 crochet leaves workshops coming up plus an Amigurumi Spider Saturday workshop for the brave…. pumpkin pattern available for arachnophobes!
Its possible to learn the stitches required in 2 hours to make a simple leaf, even for complete beginners.  They look great made in a variety of autumnal shades and stitched to keyrings or bag charms to add some seasonal chique to an outfit.

21 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 135- Autumnal Accents

  1. I am glad you are both well I had wondered. I scedule my week posts (although often the night before!) and like it. I also use it when on holiday. Just find it hard to link up with handmade monday. I loved the bit about an alternative halloween project. Flowers are amazing. I particularly like the one with the button. Xxxx

  2. How exciting to be getting ready for your grandchild! I’m sure your crafting time will soon be taken up making lovely things for him/her 🙂

    Your Autumnal flowers are so pretty, i love the warm colours x

  3. Life sounds hectic for you and glad to hear you are both well. Your flowers are lovely and a Amigurumi Spider workshop sounds ideal for Halloween. I tried to schedule a post once, it didn’t happen (no doubt something I missed out) and haven’t tried again since. however, this time of year is so busy, it might be worth trying again. Hope you have a good week.

  4. I sit and do my blog on a Sunday night, but because it’s not a blogger or wordpress one I can write and save other posts, but can’t ask them to post them. I love your crochet flowers, they look great.

  5. I’d love to be more organised with my blogging but it’s still a work in progress! Do hope things go well for you and your daughter 🙂 And I love those crocheted flowers – so sweet and pretty!

  6. I’m usually one of those who writes and publishes straight away, but this week I had to be organised and write beforehand as I was also busy with daughter (taking mine to her uni for the first time) and found it quite liberating – might be doing more of that!

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