Making It Your Own 1 – introduction

Every knitter or crocheter will get to a point where they want to make tweaks to a project so that it becomes more personal to them.

Tweaks can involve anything from changing the yarn colour through adding a surface pattern to doing a resize or changing an element of the design so that the finished product fits better.


Changing colours and edging makes 2 very different looks

I’m going to write a series of posts that will start with the very simple tweaks that novices can make, up to hints and tips for the experienced yarn crafter who really wants to make a pattern their own.


Adding stripes and crochet flowers lifted a plain teacosy pattern

Over the coming weeks we’ll explore everything from experimenting with colour, tension swatching, yarn maths, swapping brands of yarn and adding details, including beads.


Variations on a theme

Starting from the basic knitted or crocheted square, we’ll take a journey through homewares, accessories and garments with free patterns for you to experiment with along the way.


Adding beads to a plain lampshade pattern

The plan is to make the posts as interactive as possible so if you have a burning question please post it on the blog, over on Facebook or email me and I’ll do my best to help!

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