Introducing my Grandson!

Hi I’m Kayden and I’m going to help my Nanny tell you all about me!

Before I get into the full on blogging for 2014, here’s an introduction to the little man who’s been keeping me very busy during December and January, my grandson Kayden. He was due on Dec 4th but tried arriving at 36 and 37 weeks….then decided he liked it where he was thank you very much, despite my poor daughter’s best efforts at eating curries and walking miles!

He eventually arrived on Weds 18th Dec at 10:28am by emergency c-section, weighing 9lb 3oz after 3 days of trying to persuade him to come via the usual route. My daughter coped amazingly with a very long induction process, followed by 14 hours on the drip to get her contracting, but much like she did, he settled back to back and had stuck his head in a very odd place. The difference in care she received when he was born and in the following 3 and bit weeks has been amazing, compared to when she was born. The midwifery and health visiting teams have really pulled out all the stops to help her and the way they dealt with the need for the c section was really gentle and lovely to see. I’d had a very similar experience but sadly not the same quality of care, but its been really healing for me too – although my poor body is still struggling to come to terms with being birth partner and helping with the night feeds! The medical team went out of their way to accommodate my needs too so that I could be in theatre when he was born, giving me time to slowly shuffle in on sticks – they’d even offered to spring clean the wheelchair if that would help!  – and providing me with a comfy chair to sit on. It was a real privilege to be there and because my daughter was so spaced out have first cuddles with him – I knew he was a chunky lad before he hit the scales!

All brand new, just had my first mummy cuddle 🙂

Ready to come home, wrapped in my shawl!

Kayden is a beautiful boy, very chilled and calm, he only really cries if he is in need of something or one of us mean people are changing his nappy or stripping him off for the tub when its not quite convenient! When he’s tell us off he sounds like the famous talking cat and says “Oh no no no” as part of his cry, its really cute!  He  gave me a lovely proper smile this morning, and loves to lay there looking at you and trying I think. to figure out how easy its going to be to wrap you round his little finger 🙂  He also loves nursery rhymes and the animals on his play gym and will lay there quite happily trying his best to chat to them whilst trying to figure out how to get hold of them. We often sit and have long chats and read through his board books. He’s a big distraction and its lovely spending time with him when he’s awake 🙂

“At the Gym”

He’s obviously been wearing some of  the outfits and blankies Nanny’s created for him, including the embarrassing Christmas jumper, a plethora of snuggly hats and mitts and his blankie and shawl. I really enjoy making things for him and my next creation will be something on the theme of Mr Sneezy as he does sneeze alot!

My christmas jumper….Grandad got me a reindeer suit to wear over it and I was so impressed I slept all day except for my milk 🙂

My daughter is fortunate too in that he quite happily fills up on food in the evenings and then goes 5 hours between feeds at night. He is bottle fed now because despite everything being tried including having his tongue tie snipped at 3 days old – he was more annoyed at having a piece of gauze under his tongue to stem the bleeding than he was at the actual snip – he just couldn’t get the hang of breast feeding. The midwives were really supportive of the fact that she tried hard for 2 weeks, expressing on an electric pump most of the time and have been really good about accepting her decision. She is well aware that breast is best, but has made the best decision for her baby and I fully support her in that. I remember the huge sense of failure that partly fuelled my post natal depression I felt when nothing worked with her and I’ve been so pleased that everyone has focused on how much good she did by persevering for so long. She’s only just 20 and has issues of her own and it was lovely to hear other older and experienced mums who were sharing her hospital ward praising her for her willingness to try too. She is a natural mother and its beautiful to watch the bond growing between them.

Me and my Mum

Me and Mum at home



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