Beginners crochet…Granny Square Photo Tutorial

This is a mini photo tutorial designed as a memory aid for the granny square sessions for beginners crochet:
Centre Circle
1. Make a slip knot


Make a loop, cross the yarn over at the bottom


Bring the yarn that is at the top of the cross behind the loop. Insert your hook under the bar of yarn


Tighten the loop onto the hook but make sure you can slide the loop around on the hook

2. Make 6 Chain (ch)


Bring yarn up between 2nd & 3rd sts of left hand. Pinch knot with thumb & forefinger.


Hold hook in right hand. Insert hook under yarn laying across left 2nd & forefinger. Pull hook back towards loop, with nose facing you. When you get to the loop turn the hook nose down and slide through, creating a new stitch.


Repeat 5 more times

3. Join chain to make ring


Insert hook into 1st stitch you made, right next to the knot.


Yarn over hook, pull hook back through both stitches on hook.

Make the maltese cross in the centre


1st arm - 3ch, work 2treble into ring as follows

1a. Treble Stitch


Yarn over hook, hook into centre of circle, yarn over hook. Pull hook back through circle,


You have 3 stitches on the hook. Yarn over hook. Pull hook back through 1st 2 stitches to leave 2 loops.


Yarn over hook, pull hook back through final 2 stitches to leave 1 loop.

Repeat the treble stitch again.

2. Create the space between block 1 & 2


Work 2ch

3. Make block 2
Work 3 treble into circle


4. Make space and block 3
2ch and 3tr into circle


5. Make space and block 4
2ch, 3tr into circle


6. Join the 1st round


Insert hook into the top of the 3ch you worked at the start of block 1. Yarn over hook, pull hook back through 2 loops on hook to create a slip stitch (ss)

Round 2 – This creates corners

1st half of corner 1


Work 3ch then 2tr into space at bottom of 3ch. It feels like you are going backwards. Don't panic!

2. Bridge and 2nd corner

Work 2ch then 3tr into next space. This makes the 1st side

Then work 2ch and a further 3tr into the same space.
This creates the corner and keeps the square flat.

3. Work space and 3rd corner.
2ch 3tr into next space, 2ch 3tr into same space

4. Work space and 4th corner.
2ch, 3tr, 2ch 3tr in next space.

5. Create space and complete corner 1.

3tr into 1st corner. 2ch

Insert hook in top of 3ch you made at start of round. Yarn over hook. Pull yarn through both loops to make slip stitch.

To fasten off, cut 3in tail of yarn and pull hook up until all yarn through stitch.


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