Blogging Challenge

Due to various things I have really got out of 2 important habits that help me creatively. …. keeping my lovely blog up to date and noting things that inspire me, either through sketching in my creative ideas book, yarn plau, photography or simply engaging with the moment
I have a few days break as of today so my plan is to set myself a 7 day challenge, starting tomorrows.
The theme is ‘Creative Inspirations’.
I hope to run this again in the summer and open it out to all comers – perhaps make it a regular event….what do you think?

My other blog commitment is to develop a mini brochure that lets people know about what to expect from a class or workshop.  I aim to write one post per week on this theme.  I will then collate all the posts into a downloadable PDF document. What would you like to see included?

My final blog commitment is to develop some video blogs talking about what I do and why, eventually developing a series of tutorials. This is a huge challenge as I don’t enjoy having my photo taken, let alone being filmed….but I can at least talk for England lol!

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