Creative blog challenge Day 2

Yesterday was a day of visiting people and catching up with old friends.  A large group of us descended on my Dad and occupied the upstairs lounge in his rest home and spent time reminiscing.

We’re spending time in the village where I grew up, on the edge of Dartmoor.  Some of the buildings and the basic street plan are centuries old.


I am passionate about history and the structure of old buildings, the time, effort and often creativity that went into building them or fitting them in to little corners.

I have ideas developing around using medieval carvings, illuminated manuscripts and design. To do this well I feel that I need to spend time visiting, interacting with and experiencing old buildings.

Another thing that inspires me about Devon is the abundance of primroses, from the embankments of the A38 dual carriageway to the peaceful village cemetry, vast swathes of ground are carpeted in soft yellow with the odd splash of blue where early bluebells are breaking through.
Flowers often feature in medieval design so I can envision a way to combine the soft beauty of a Devon spring with the twisting stems of a carved vine.

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