Creative Blogging Challenge Day 3 – Colours of Nature

I skipped yesterday essentially because I spent a fair bit of it travelling between Devon and Hampshire, passing through some amazing countryside, some bearing the signs of human occupation from over 6000 years ago, such as the bronze and iron age barrows, circles and hillforts that stud the Dorset landscape as you travel along the A35 between Lyme Bay and Dorchester. The whole area has a sense of timelessness and it is interesting that farmers over the centuries have respected the dwellings of their ancestors:


I often find myself inspired by landscape, whether is it the ever changing colours, shades and highlights caused by the seasons and the movements of cloud and sun, the sense of timelessness and allowing my mind to wander to the sheer determination our forefathers had to cling onto the land and make something of it or the play of water as it develops its path from spring to seashore.

2 hills dominated the village where I grew up, Brent Hill and Ugborough Beacon. The village is on the lee or rainy side of these hills plus other high ground of the Dartmoor National Park. They were the older generation’s weather station – if the Beacon had its hat on – was covered in fog – then it was sure to rain. They would often turn white long before the snow hit the village and as kids we anxiously awaited snowfall – although it never got us any time off school!

Image from the Brownston Gallery – Brent Hill


Ugborough Beacon, Dartmoor from

I have a ball of yarn in my odds and ends pile that I keep putting to one side for a special project.  And this trip has helped me realise why – the colours are redolent of Dartmoor – its a randomised ball of golds and greens, very like the beacon on a sunny day before it becomes covered in thick bracken. Sadly King cole have discontinued the line which is a pity as I am currently knitting a shawl for myself with the purple colour way and its looking gorgeous!

What I will do with it, I’m not certain but I want to capture the sense of undulating hills in the pattern. That suggests some form of waviness to the fabric – perhaps a cowl, perhaps a bag – something casual but beautiful, set off with beads to really highlight the changing heights across the rows? I’m not even certain whether I will use knitting or crochet – I just know I need to do something unique and special with it – something that will root me to the natural beauty I love.

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