Creative blog challenge Day 4 – Designing

I’ve just picked up a couple of crochet commissions which will have to be designed on the hook.

I love working this way as its possible to swatch, browse through old ideas,  look through my Pinterest boards and let my imagination and ideas flow.

Today I was at a somewhat quiet event and had taken yarn and hooks just in case. So I felt it was the perfect opportunity to start a shrug I’ve been asked to make for a wedding guest.

I spent the first hour swatching, working out tension and trying a variety of stitch patterns – eventually opting for a filet lace.


I wanted to keep the front edging plain as it was where I would be increasing and decreasing so decided to do 4tr at each end of the row.
I had a look through Pinterest for something to add a bit of interest to the back and chose the flower from the centre of this design:


I got on surprisingly well and with a bit of tweaking with the fronts and armhole depth am now ready to work a lace edging to widen the fronts.


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