Handmade Monday 166 – A Very Hungry Caterpillar

It seems ages since I’ve participated in Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour but its good to be back.

wpid-20140426_155001.jpgAt the moment I’m juggling commissions with making wedding accessories and gifts as my brother gets married on 24th May! I’ve almost finished a shrug I’ve designed and crocheted for my daughter and am well underway with the wrap I’m making for me. I’ll be sharing them during future Handmade Mondays – especially as I want to experiment with making jewellery from the shawl pattern as its so unusual and I think would lend itself to be knitting in a fine yarn, with very fine needles and beaded.


I’ve just finished a commission to make a family tree baby shawl in a combination of tapestry crochet, lace crochet and embroidery. I wish I had taken a better photo but intend to repeat the design in a neutral colourway to take to fairs and also have online as a made to order or embroidered to order item. Perhaps having a small stock in pink, blue and either lemon or mint green would be a good idea?


wpid-20140505_131044.jpgMy next commission is from the local nursery school, who want me to make some Very Hungry Caterpillar props for their story sack. So far I have finished the caterpillar. The cocoon is a work in progress and the butterfly is a challenge to come.

I enjoyed making the caterpillar and tried to copy him from the pictures in the book as faithfully as possible, down to the rather bizarre lack of legs on some segments. I’ve used a combination of left over yarns in a variety of textures from pure wool to cotton to give the children a bit of a sensory experience.

I started making the head, eyes and nose and stuffing them, I worked one of the decrease rows into the front loop of the crochet stitches to make a ridge so that I could begin crocheting the the next segment on at that point – this not only cuts down on sewing but also makes the join secure, meaning less risk of little fingers encountering stuffing. By working the whole body in this way, each segment is stuffed individually and therefore moves in a caterpillar like manner. wpid-20140505_130956.jpg

I had alot of fun with his feet,  my first attempt made  him look like he had clowns feet – I eventually decided to make round feet which gradually decreased in size down to the ankle. I’ve made sure I’ve attached them securely and given the caterpillar to Kayden who has tried the “baby destruction test” very well!

Hopefully I’ll get the cocoon finished later today and then its on to the butterfly!

I would love to publish the pattern for free but with copyright I’m not sure if it would be possible – unless anyone has any ideas of how I could find and approach the copyright holder?

I will be making another for Kayden too as he has fallen in love with both the caterpillar and the book. Although being an icecream stealer he is very unimpressed that the icecream cone can’t be picked up off the page! I can’t believe he is fast approaching 5 months already. He’s a gorgeous little man, sleeps really well and has sorted out his own 7pm bedtime! He is sitting up on his own for short periods and is investigating crawling but gets very cross with himself as the brain is willing but the body isn’t quite yet. We’ve spent some time with his Great-Grandad recently and its lovely watching them together. Dad is quite happy to sit in his armchair and just watch Kayden laying on the floor kicking when he gets too heavy – Kayden is a big lad for his age and is already wearing 6- 9 month trousers and filling the legs lengthwise!