Handmade Monday 171 – Baby Set

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I seem to have hit on a successful design for baby blankets using a dense shell stitch pattern.

 This is version 1 – with a Violet monogram as the baby is to be named Violet.

I used a lilac baby yarn, and striped it up with bands of a Robin multicoloured yarn. I did 2 rows in lilac, 2 rows multi, 2 rows lilac, 4 rows multi.

I really enjoyed making it once I’d swatched it out and worked out the ideal stitch count and border.

I plan to do another to take to fairs and also develop the pattern for sale – this will be my 1st commercial pattern so its a step forward!



Version 2  –  A Layette Set

wpid-20140527_104913.jpgHaving posted version 1 on my personal facebook page, I got an order almost immediately for another blanket, plus if possible a matinee jacket and bootees! However I went to get the yarn and disaster had struck –  my local shop had none left and the line was discontinued…. so I had a look through the James C Brett mixed colour yarns and chose one that appeared to have a good colour range and worked a swatch.

Initially it didn’t seem to work as well – perhaps because I had the image of captured rainbows the previous blanket had placed in my mind? So I added the border along one side and immediately it helped.

I facebooked the image over to the friend I was making it for and she was really happy with the new yarn so I then got cracking! I added the violets and leaves, creating a different look and embroidered the stem on using chain stitch.

wpid-20140606_190346.jpgOnce I finished the blanket, I adapted a pattern I had for booties and added the shell pattern as a border and threaded ribbon through the ankle.

The matinee jacket was the next challenge and I decided to break the habits of a life time and go for a top down, yoked design as this would make sizing and construction simpler. I created a plain lilac yoke, then added in the rainbow yarn for the skirt, following the same pattern as on the blanket. The shell is worked over a 14st pattern, so I definitely know my 7 and 14 times tables now!! I added a violet plus leaves to the jacket as a trim and then added 3 lilac buttons to finish. All the violets have a lemon button for the their centre.

This will also be written up as a pattern. I plan to make a second set for fairs too!

 Full set


My current commission couldn’t be more different however – a very fine lace wrap in an asymmetric shell pattern – originally I had in excess of 400 sts and am working with around 80 blocks of shells! I may rework that in a thicker yarn for winter and use that to produce pattern 3…. what do you think?



7 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 171 – Baby Set

  1. Your knitting is beautiful, I love the patterns and the colours – very delicate and perfect for a little one. I’m sure lots of people would want them as gifts for new babies.

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