Historically Wooly – Introduction

As well as loving all things knit and crochet, I have a passion for medieval history.  Quite how this developed was a series of happy ‘accidents’, mainly centred around a combination of historical novels, documentaries and social media.  The one thing that spurred me on to learn more was Facebook – there are a wealth of superb history pages and groups out there where you quickly learn, from mainly lovely people, that what you think you know is often not right.


I have been fortunate to meet some lovely people who are willing to share not just knowledge but skills.  The skills of searching out the elusive,  of reading archaic language and in one case regular snippets from a collection of research notes that get me thinking and trying to learn more.


Wool has been used by man from time immemorial to keep warm. I hope this series of posts will allow time travel back to the origins of gathering wool from ancient sheep who moulted efficiently, through the the variety techniques used in working with wool, to an England and Wales where personal and national wealth was founded on wool.

We’ll visit blogs, people, places, books and the techniques used down the ages. And hopefully learn some new skills along the way!

Will you join me?