Time Banking – How Can it Benefit You

I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned being involved with TimeBanking on previous posts. I wanted to blog specifically about it today because the people involved who give up their time freely for others deserve a mention and because I want to share about how it can help very small businesses.

Our local timebanks are run by 2 community workers from the local council – Gwyneth and Linda – Gwyneth works on the West of Southampton and Linda, the East. The idea of the scheme is to get people in communities together, helping each other. You give as much time as you are able and the hours you give are logged on a “bank account” as are the hours you take.

My main “giving” is centred around crafting and the joy of it is, that I only commit what I can manage. So I’ve recently needed to take quite a chunk of time out through illness and family pressures, but I hope to back with the group soon. I also volunteer as a textile mender at a local Repair Cafe monthly, run by Transition Southampton. This is affilitated to Time Bank so I can also claim those hours. I’ll blog at a later date about the Repair Cafe.

I have joined the Timebank both as an individual and a small business, the advantage to this is that I can choose to use my hours to either support me in my personal life – things like DIY, decorating etc or to support my business. This could be anything from a leaflet drop to business advice or designing publicity materials.

My latest exchange was to have a postcard designed that I could use for generic advertising – I was really struggling with layout and copy so an exchange was duly arranged with a gentleman who runs a local community centre. I then used his format to design the front of the postcard as we were struggling to find a decent photo of me – camera shy is probably a mild description of my efforts to avoid photography!

Here’s the finished result – would be interested to know what you think:


And if you would like to know more about Timebanking, whether in Southampton or further afield, click here and email Gwyneth and she will be happy to put you in touch with someone who can help 🙂