Baby Shawl Diaries 3 – Crown Him!

The crowns border has crocheted up beautifully but has proved a challenge to crochet up into a straight edge. I have tried various techniques and done much frogging!  So progress has been slower than I’d like. I also had a commission piece to upsize and adapt to fit to that took a bit of time but it was definitely worth it as the feedback from the customer was very positive: “its perfect”


Coming back to the shawl, after various attempts at evening out the border,  I had a brain wave and decided to try treating it like a chevron pattern with decreasing at the base of the triangles and increasing at the top. To reduce the depth I also needed to adjust the stitch height as I went up and down the waves.

I kept each corner the same – 2tr, 2ch 2tr on each round so that the shawl continued to increase in size

Round 1

I worked 1 dc into each st on the chevrons, as this gave me a solid base to work from, with each corner being worked as above

Round 2

Then I worked out a pattern to reduce the depth of the chevron:

(1htr, 1ch ) x3 along the side, 3dc into the picot at the top, (1htr, 1ch ) x3 down the side, work special decrease for the base , rep along the side until you reach the corner

Working the Special Decrease

I needed a to vary the height of the stitches to start the ‘flattening processwpid-picsart_1424287696552.jpg‘ and work a decrease, so I combined 2 treble sts with a central double treble, into the 3 sts that formed the base of the chevron as follows:

Step 1 – partial treble, worked into st 1: yo, hook through st, yo, pull back through st, yo pull through 2 loops on hook, leaving 2 loops on the hook

Step 2 partial double treble, worked into st 2 – yo x2, yo, hook through st, yo, pull back through st , yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through 2 loops, leaving 3 loops on the hook,

Step 3 – partial treble, worked into 3rd st :yo, hook through st, yo, pull back through st, yo pull through 2 loops on hook, leaving 4 loops on the hook,

Step 4: Complete the decrease: yo again and pull through all 4 loops.

This completed the chevron pattern and kept the number of sts even.

To make it simpler to understand here’s a diagram of the stitch pattern I developed:



Round 3

wpid-picsart_1424287587276.jpgI kept the corners consistent, then I worked the following pattern which has virtually evened out the shawl to a slightly uneven edge:

1htr, 1ch, 1 htr, 1ch, 3htr into 2nd of 3dc, 1ch 1htr, 1ch, 1htr, 1ch, tr2tog – missing 2nd of 3 sts at base of triangle



What do I mean by keeping the sts even?

If you think of the shawl like a large granny square, the only place you increase stitches to keep the sides even is on the corners. So when designing the shawl I need to apply this principle otherwise it will quickly lose shape and look messy.

So when working the chevron I need to remember to balance the stitches decreased at the base of the cluster, with the stitches increased along the sides and into the picot. On the 2nd round I increased 2 sts into the picot – working 3dc into 1 sts, so I made sure I decreased 2 sts at the base when working the cluster as I crocheted 3 sts together.


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