Its been a while

Some of my custom makes, workshop creations and designs from 2015. The baby set is the only item where I worked from a pattern


Most of 2015 has been a hectic blur, helping my daughter recover from a c-section and SPD and adapt to having her second son. The eldest is now entering the terrible twos and the younger is 9 months old and is commando crawling everywhere and causing havoc! Although baby was born in April, because of the SPD, resulting in longer term back pain and the need to gain confidence, she stayed with me until the early autumn. For those who don’t know, SPD is a condition where the pelvic muscles start to separate; Physio is meant to be available in pregnancy but due to a very long waiting list, she didn’t get seen. It has taken until late Dec to find a GP at her local surgery who was sensible enough to refer to physio! This meant that by and large running groups became virtually impossible and for a long while I didn’t get alot of making done either.


Also my complex pain syndrome has gradually worsened in the past year, more so since I’ve been less busy to be honest, which makes no sense to me whatsover – by reducing triggers, I should have started improving! We went to Devon in late April to see my Dad and introduce him to his new great grandson. When we stopped for lunch on the way back, I struggled to walk across the car park with sticks, something I had been doing easily all week! Since then its been an up and down game of slow improvement then relapse, with increasing need to use my wheelchair, initially outdoors and now all the time. I changed the car in July, during an upswing and stuck to my usual method of loading the powerchair, with a hoist… currently that is beyond me so I am only going out and about with assistance, which is pretty frustrating.


I have been making things to order and have gone into Headway, Timebank and Creative Options when possible, but, realistically I am at a point where I need to re-evaluate what I am doing and decide on a way forward. So over Christmas and New Year I’ve been mulling over some ideas and thinking about how I can link my passions for faith, family, creativity, and history together in a constructive way, whilst still promoting the benefits of crafting for people with long term illness.

The plan is to :

  1. Continue with working with Headway, Timebank and Creative Options, and look at the help that might be available to get my chair in and out of the car.
  2. Work on getting my patterns ready for publication to generate an income stream. I am hoping to sell them via a third party, who will take care of all the complicated new VAT requirements
  3. Take part in the Historical Sewing Challenge Monthly for 2016 and develop a range of knitted, crocheted, tatted and naalbinding items I can then make to order. This will also mean I need to put some time into learning cro-tatting and naalbinding.
  4. Continue to work on my history blog- A Woolly History of Britain, exploring the wool trade from Anglo Saxon times onwards and the lives of the people involved, directly and indirectly.
  5. Work on the textile art for the exhibition in July

This still looks like a fairly hefty programme,  however I will pace myself and develop a weekly work plan that will allow me to work on the elements as a series of mini projects. I also commit to being realistic and reviewing my progress regularly, giving myself permission to adapt the plan as needed, to reflect life and changing priorities.


A Woolly History of Britain will be an academic blog, where I summarise and record my studies.

That leaves this blog to be my creative space / journal, the aims are to include:

  1. Write ups of each item I make for Historical Sew Monthly 2016  – more info in my next post
  2. A place to share the work I produce for the exhibition – journal style
  3. A signpost to my online shop(s), which will be developed through the year as a whole
  4. A showcase for my made to order historical creations – from tiny relic bags to shawls
  5. Photo tutorials
  6. Space to reflect on my personal journey and how creativity is helping me focus on what I can do!


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