Knit and Relax

Myself and Frances Heather from Creative Options, a Southampton based social enterprise, providing support, social interaction and employment opportunities for adults with a mental health problem in Southampton are joining forces to launch Knit and Relax.

Who is it for?

Its for anyone who is living with a mental health problem or is feeling low, lonely and isolated. You don’t need to be seeing a mental health professional to join the group.

What Happens There?

We are a craft and chat group, so you are welcome to bring along any needle based crafts you like – knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch etc. Bev is an experienced tutor and will be on hand to help you if you get stuck.

After a tea and cake break, Frances will lead a relaxation session, to help you .unwind before you go home.

Can I Learn To…

Yes, beginners are welcome, but please note, this is not a formal class, so Bev will not be running workshops or teaching exclusively one to one. Other group members will also be willing to help you if Bev is busy

Is There a Cost?

Yes there’s a small charge of £1 per person, towards room hire and refreshments

How Can Craft Help Me?

There have been many studies that demonstrate how crafting helps people with a wide range of illnesses. It takes your mind off things and stitching is also found to be as beneficial as meditation! It also helps you build your confidence as you learn new things and improves concentration. The group is also small and friendly so you have the opportunity to get out of the house, have a chat with people with similar interests and perhaps make some new friends! All things that can help you feel better.

Is There Anyone Who Can’t Come?

The group is open to anyone with lived experience of a mental health condition. All we ask is that you are willing to join in with the group activities of crafting, relaxation and help to keep the chat, light and uplifting.

If you are looking for a more structured support group, Creative Options run a range of these throughout the week, which might better meet your needs

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