Me and my new brain

Agatha, the lady who writes this blog was kind enough to message me via my blog and share her story. I think she’s pretty amazing and inspiring, so wanted to share her story and her blog with my readers 😊


This is me Agatha me and my new brain. I am married to an amazing man and we have five children. On 26th March I had a car accident on a notorious cross road junction. I was on my way to school to pick up my youngest daughter with my youngest son age 4 in the car with me. I had right of way on the main road and a massive tractor was on a side road waiting to pull out. He had no hands on his steering wheel, perhaps on his phone I think but not allowed to say and he rolled onto oncoming traffic. Me. It ripped through the left hand side of my car cutting straight through with his bailer blades and missed cutting my sons legs off by 12 inches. I was knocked out. When I came round I remember three things , this is what…

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