CobloWriMo – Goals and Happiness

CoBloWriMo, is a blogging challenge, inspired by NaNoWriMo; kindly set up and organised by Mem Lily Barnett. It is aimed at people who are making historically accurate costumes, and encourages us to kickstart your writing and share it with the community. You can find Lily’s blog, Star and Scissors here.

As I’m so far behind with everything, I am of course late with starting the challenge, so I’m going to work 2 days of posting into one. I’m not aiming to write everyday, as I think that would ultimately be counterproductive. The reason I’m doing this is to get me back on track with my writing and making, so that I feel as if I am achieving something and hopefully starting to carve out the space I need to rework and redevelop Bits and Bobs Crafts into a home business that allows me the space and time to make the things that I enjoy and to have some clear goals about how to get my work out there.

Goal for June


1. Get the end of term orders I have underway and completed – these are mainly teacher gifts, the majority are small trinkets but I am making a lace shawlette / scarf too and that will be inspired by a historical pattern.

2. Choose a design for a bag and crochet it for the HSM, Travel Challenge – I have some bag linings I discovered in the local scrapstore – its like a local treasure trove of everything from yarn & fabric to bits and pieces for junk modelling, and craft heaven. I love the early 20th C lace handbags and as the dress I hope to make over the summer is going to be inspired by a 1920s design, it seems the perfect opportunity to make myself something special.

3. Visit a local museum – I am researching the history of needles and pins, for my Woolly History Blog, and I want to take some photos of archaeological finds, to break up the chunks of text I have underway. Salisbury museum sounds like a very good resource, so I am going to set a day and go.


Things that make me Happy

I will admit that I am exhausted at present and have been struggling, due to circumstances, to find the time for doing anything creative. I need to refocus myself and take some of the pressure of “I do should be” off my shoulders and realise that I can only  do what I can do. And that I should include doing things that make me happy and inspire me in my June goals…

20160603_095143.jpg 20160430_155717.jpg20150220_140227.jpg

1.Family – I have a daughter and 2 beautiful grandsons, aged 1 &2. They bring a lot of joy and fun into my life and I get to do some fun knits for them.

2. Sunshine, roses and nature – I love to sit in the garden with my knitting, crochet or sewing, and just enjoy the sun and peace and quiet. We have communal gardens here, and I have appropriated the patch under our bedroom windows and planted some roses. I have one more to put in, a white rose, in memory of my  Dad. Sitting there when everyone is out, with the birds singing is like being out in the country, even though I am on the outskirts of the city

2. Swimming – I love water and swimming, and I should be able to get back in the water next week, following a break due to family circumstances. I feel better for swimming and over time it helps to relax my muscles and improve my balance so I feel better.

3. My Faith – I am a Christian and derive a great deal of inspiration and comfort from knowing that there is a God, looking out for me. When life gets hectic though, I do lose focus, so having some peaceful downtime, is a real blessing as I can sit, rest, create and reconnect. I often doodle ideas during the sermons at church, when they give me pictures in my mind. I have so many to turn into pieces of textile or even wearable art!

4. Finding time for History – visiting medieval buildings, especially churches, gives me a sense of awe, wonder and peace. They also inspire me to create art pieces that reflect my feelings and beliefs.

5. A sense of purpose – my health and family pressures, plus losing my Dad, have made 2016 a bit of a tough year, to say the least and I’m kind of feeling a bit lost and purposeless at the moment. So I am going to use the time I have through June to rest, make beautiful things and reflect on what a purposeful future looks like for me. I have a couple of ideas bobbing around in the back of my mind, but need some quiet time, to mull them over and really explore what is and what isn’t going to be feasible.

6. Books – I love reading, learning and expanding my knowledge. I voraciously read good historical fiction and non fiction and love digging around in the past to follow the story of people who have left a fleeting footprint in the dust of the centuries.

7. Empowering others to be creative – I work with a couple of groups of adults who are also facing health related challenges and I really enjoy seeing the members grow in their skills and blossom. We tend to dive into projects and extend our skills by doing, and its fun. Sometimes I experience a momentary sense of panic but on the whole I love the idea of playing around with ideas and materials and seeing what we come up with.


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