Update On Some Recent Makes

Through June and July and now into August I’ve been working on a lot of modern makes, all commissions, which is fabulous. And to be honest I’ve been so busy with my hook in the main, blogging has had to take a back seat. However as I’m “looking forward to” a weekend of enforced rest as the legs and balance have decided to conspire to make getting into the car a challenge too far, I thought it was high time to catch up with sharing what I’ve been up to. I’ve also got a historical challenge on the hook and another to plan and make for the end of August / early September but I think realistically I am going to have to do the June and July and the August and September makes as combined challenges, simply due to the number of commissions I have to d0.

ecff9835a4495ec2f437fbac542e189bIn early June I was asked by a friend to make a shawl for a teacher who had gone over and above to help her child, she wanted it to be shawlette sized, preferably half moon and in shades of orange. We settled on  2 colours from the Malabrigo lace range, glazed carrot and rhodesian and I discovered a beautiful chart pattern on Pinterest, taken from an obsolete Japanese crochet book – you can find it here. I decided to change the edging, but otherwise followed the pattern faithfully.

7de82dd2a45cedd58286321717402609I was also asked to make a set of 8 “Crosses in my Pocket” for other teachers and TA’s. I created the crosses out of wire and crocheted them, with a bead in the centre. I then printed the poems onto crafting paper and made a scroll, using a chenille yarn chain to tie them and attach the cross.


And then came a huge school of Jellyfish, which I also taught to my Timebank Cradt Group. A friend shared a link to a lovely pattern by One Dog Woof and I adapted it a little by adding “skirts” to the jelly fish, some I also worked in parti-colours and one even had a Southampton football kit. I made 12 out of the 14 to order and 2 more for my grandsons. 3 were destined to be teacher gifts and were designed in collaboration with the customer, she wanted one to symbolise Good Luck for a teacher who was leaving so we came up with an idea of creating a 4 leafed clover; another for her son’s preschool teacher as he was graduating to Reception class, hence thescholar’s cap; and one for the Lollipop Lady, complete with lollipop sign. They’re great fun to make and I want to play around with making some mini ones for key rings, and some santa ones to hang on the tree.As a safety note, they are not suitable for young children and children should not take them to bed, as the tentacles pose a strangulation risk. I made the ones for my grandsons with shorter legs and instead of using safety eyes, sewed on larger buttons, to reduce choking risk.

bd8a1342a3fac2460cd8a59e25adc629I’ve also made the little crochet trinket pot to the left, I designed it myself using camel stitch or backpost half treble stitch for the sides, and making a pretty lace and flower partial cover. I’m hoping to make more and perfect these… and get a decent photo taken!


And this blue flower for a special young lady, who worked very hard throughout Year 5 and was recognised as the Star Pupil for the Year.


And I’m currently working on 3 unicorns, a 1920s crochet project back for the travel and monochrome challenges for HSM, a BFG story sack and an elephant pillow. I’m also researching a lady’s accessory for the interwar period, ideally knitted as I’ve been crocheting everything of late, that can be made in red and has an interesting surface pattern… wish me luck!