Introducing Bev Newman and Bits and Bobs Crafts

Hi I’m Bev and I run Bits and Bobs Crafts, a small, homebased business in Southampton UK. I knit and crochet and enjoy passing my skills on to others by running workshops and offering a range of personalised lessons for 1 to 8 people.

My Passion For Crafts…

I am a former nurse and chronic disease self management tutor and have a long term condition, complex chronic pain syndrome that has a variable impact on my life. I go through spells where my mobility is very impaired and I am wheelchair dependent and also have periods of remission where I am able to walk short distances with a frame. I discovered early on that cross stitching, knitting and crochet really helped me to cope with the pain and gave me a sense of purpose. It has also helped me to meet new people through knit and natter groups and running my own workshops and lessons. As a result I have a passion for working with people who have a range of personal challenges, from physical impairments to mental health problems, because I know how much difference crafting can make.


I welcome commissions to create bespoke knitted and crochet art, accessories, homewares and clothing – please get in touch via the Made for You page for more info. Prices are tailored to your budget and I charge a set fee for making, all of which will be agreed up front.

Just for You

I enjoy teaching crafts and have developed a range of bespoke lessons and workshops, for more info please see the Just for You page


I also have a passion for the history of working with yarn and am currently studying the development of yarn crafts and the English Wool Trade, from the Bronze Age to Industrial Revolution and perhaps beyond! As you can imagine this is an extensive piece of work. I have a sister blog where I share my findings. I also have a blog series here where I share summaries of my findings and look at how certain historical events that have often surprising, links with wool impact on a fictional family, who are involved in the wool trade through many generations.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    I am interested in learning how to crochet. I would like 1:1 sessions & would like to start ASAP. I am a complete beginner & live in Titchfield Common.
    Thank you in anticipation

  2. Hi I am looking to make contact with some one who can teach my daughter to knit she is 28 and wants to learn to knit ..I can but not enouhgt ot teach her and read patterns …I would to organise a 1 to 1 to suit both , was thinking I could buy her for a xmas gift and then can make contact with you to a range a conveienent date
    Thanks Karen

  3. Hi Bev my name is Agatha and I have read your story. Today I created a blog called headinjuryandcrochet on WordPress.com 22 months after a serious car crash. For me this a big step sharing my world. Knitting and crochetting are crucial to my recovery. I am not the same person as I was two years ago me and my new brain have remoulded someone I like and have compassion for. Creating and making are my way forward as I also am a wheelchair user when the pain is chronic and I am discovering a new way of what I am going to next . My husband is my full time carer and we have five children. I hope I can share my story with you. Kind regards.

    • Hi Agatha, thank you for getting in touch and sharing your story. I look forward to reading your blog. It’s a difficult journey you have but it sounds like you are making really good progress. I found and when things deteriorate, still find that learningto accept where I am can be incredibly difficult and frustrating at times, but crafting really helps. I have a grown up daughter and 2 little grandsons – they keep me busy too and don’t care if Nana can walk or not as long as she can knit or play!

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