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What Is “Just for You”?

Just for You is Bev’s new approach to teaching knitting and crochet and offers you a range of options to learn, from one to one sessions to small home based classes. This has become necessary due to a change in Bev’s underlying medical condition and family circumstances.

Individual lessons You choose what you want to learn and how often. So you might need an hour here and there to help with a challenging pattern or a series of lessons to help you get started one off for a Niggly Problem or a Course to get you going. Bev will come to you if your home is accessible to her or will meet you in a mutually convenient setting.

Learn with Friends From a one off workshop to a series of lessons designed specifically for you and your friends, Bev will come to you and you get to learn in comfortable surroundings.

Learn at WorkAn opportunity to get away from your desk and do something different during lunch! |You provide the room and advertise the lessons and I will develop short lessons that fit into the time you have available from 30mins – 1hour. Its been proved that leaving your desk and doing something creative can help overcome the post lunch slump! Plus you get to know other colleagues and make new friends!


Crochet or Knitting Party Invite your friends around for an evening of creative fun with either knitting or crochet. Bev will provide a mini class, plus bring along a selection of hand crafted makes for you to buy and take orders for bespoke makes… so an ideal way to buy those special little gifts that show how much you appreciate someone!

Hen or Bridal Crochet – Bev can provide fun workshops, either at your home or in a community centre,  including afternoon tea or lunch. Options include: making a bridal accessory, unique gifts, corsages, garters, hearts, ring cushions for example – please contact me to discuss how I can help you add a unique twist to your wedding day! Either make entirely yourself or embellish a selection of premade pieces.


Bev is a Timebank Member  – if you belong to Southampton Timebank, I maybe able to offer a taster session as a Timebank exchange with the consent of the broker.

Community Groups – Bev can offer – taster workshops, mini courses, talks and demonstrations. Regular bookings or one off sessions available.

Crafting for WellbeingBev has experience of developing craft skills with adults with acquired brain injury, mental health and physical health issues . She has worked with young people with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.  And has extensive professional and personal experience of using craft activities to aid symptom management and facilitate a return to work. If you would like to read the latest research about the health benefits of crafting, please visit the stitch links website, or download a PDF summary produced by Bev, here.

Staff Training Bev is a qualified adult education tutor, former nurse and chronic disease self management trainer. She can provide you with bespoke staff training that explores the benefits of crafting for your clients. Her training is unique as it combines lived experience, work experience and current research. If this is something your organisation would appreciate, then please contact Bev for details.


Please note maximum size for ALL groups, except staff training is 8 people. This ensures Bev can give both group and individual tuition during lessons

Individual                           From £12ph plus travel; concessions available for the unwaged

Learn With Friends            From £12ph plus travel, for 2-4 people. Additional learners at £4pp

Learn at Work                     From £12ph plus travel, for 2-4 people. Additional learners at £4pp,


Knit or Crochet Party        £40 in sales = free party, maximum of 8 people

Hen Party                           From £15pp plus travel, including afternoon tea. Venue hire not included.


Community Groups          From £15ph plus travel. Includes materials

Crafts for Wellbeing         From £15ph plus travel. Includes materials

Staff Training                    From £15ph plus travel. Includes research pack

Please use the form below to contact Bev for more details:

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