Baby Shawl Diaries 2 – Finished the Lettering!

Over the weekend I carried on working on the filet crochet for the centre of the shawl and completed it on Saturday night.




The centre includes Baby’s initials and the year of birth as he has not yet arrived!


Next step – Add the Borders.10965617_1780787538813915_1770169662_n

The border designs, like the style for the central lettering, are chosen by the parents or parents to be or the proud grandparents. We talk about what they like and I sit down with pen and paper and come up with some filet panels that can be worked around the edges. In this case its teddy bears.

I charted a bear in pencil and then messed up a bit when drawing in the solid blocks in black so anywhere with an X shouldn’t be a blocked in square. Will redraw the chart properly and use it for a filet tutorial at a later date.


I also show the customer a range of lace crochet border designs and we talk about what they would like to use to edge the centre panel and then add a final edging to the shawl.

Mum to be wants crowns as her baby will be born fairly closely to the new Royal Baby so we had a trawl through pinterest and arrived at this design.

If you would like to crochet this border you can find the chart HERE – the site is French but the chart is universal and easy to read.

Mum has decided to have the crowns first to provide a pretty break between the filet centre and the filet bears, so I will need to work a row of crochet that fills in around the crowns to get me back to a base for the filet….

Then we will select some more edgings to increase the dimensions of the shawl

Next post will be the finished crowns band with the fill in row….. lets see what I can come up with!