4kcbwday3 An Infographic

Today’s challenge is a trip down memory lane. In a past job I was a clinical auditor and had to learn to summarise and present data as simply as possible.  I was part of a team implementing an older people’s outreach service to acute medical and surgical wards in a major UK teaching hospital. It was my first job after my spinal issues meant I had to give up nursing and I did it alongside an Open University Health Promotion Course – which is what taught me the beauty of infographics!

The job and course together helped me realise  that despite being unable to do what I loved I was still useful. And of course craft was also there helping me with the transition.  It was during the 8 weeks I spent laid on the floor, waiting to get better that I taught myself cross stitch and blackwork. I made all our Christmas cards and some presents too that year. And on numerous transitions since its been craft that’s pulled me through the dips and deteriorations and has given me new openings and horizons.  One of the many reasons I love working with people who are experiencing difficult life circumstances is that I love to empower people to discover latent abilities and new horizons.

So my infographic can only be based on crafting as a life changing opportunity 🙂

Let’s imagine I asked 100 people who crafted 3 questions:

1. Do you craft when happy?

2. Do you craft when worried?

3. Has craft ever helped you get better from a serious illness / accident or deal with a big change to your life?

And of those the numbers who answered yes to each question were roughly split into 3 equal sized groups and I wanted to know about where those groups overlapped….  and show you in very clear and colourful terms I might use a Venn diagram to do this:


Without looking to loads of numbers you can see that:

A certain group of those who craft when happy also craft when worried

And a bigger group of those who craft when happy have also crafted to help them recover from a serious illness, but the group who have used craft when worried and to help them is even bigger

And a small number of  those who craft when happy, also craft when worried and have crafted to help them get over something major.

But if I presented this as a table of numbers you would probably spend ages ploughing through the tables and fiddling around with calculators – assuming you hadn’t lost the will to live of course – before you got the information you wanted.